Free Fiction!

The esteemed Mike Allen is the editor of the CLOCKWORK PHOENIX anthology series, where my work has been honored to appear more than once. Of all editors I’ve worked with, he is the one most adroit at keeping his writers informed of the various stages of the project, of distribution and good reviews and so on.

CLOCKWORK PHOENIX 3 has been selected as part of the “Celebrate Reading in 2011” Free Fiction Sampler hosted at the Underwords website. The link is here:

You can read free fiction from four the writers with whom I had the honor to appear in the anthology:

Naturally, if you enjoy these stories, feel free to rush right out and buy a copy of CLOCKWORK PHOENIX 3, and read my story, ‘Murder in Metachronopolis” as well. See here.

And if you like that story, rush right out and buy the previous volume, CLOCKWORK PHOENIX, where a story in the same background is also set, “Choosers of the Slain.” See here.