The Select Committee on Pedological Maturation Affairs

Robert J. Wizard writes in with this question, concerning this article discussed previously in this space:

Who decides what is “childish”? Is it confined to Star Wars, or science fiction in general? Comic books and Star Wars (leaving out the prequels) are meaningless tripe? Conversations about them are immature?

I think the current administration is appointing a committee whose rulings on what is childish and what is mature are definitive and binding. It will be a cabinet level position. Since the state is now our Nanny, who better to decide whether we are growing into adults at the correct rate?

No, no, just kidding. The committee on childishness is actually appointed by the Science Fiction Writers of America, under its President, Damon Knight.

By some odd coincidence, they decided all of Damon Knight’s works are mature and grown-up, whereas the work of AE van Vogt is childish tripe. Hmm.

The committee also ruled that Kyle Raynor is the real Green Lantern and Hal Jordan is a has-been; that Roger Moore is a better James Bond than Sean Connery; that Jar Jar Binks is a really cool character, and made Phantom Menace better than Empire Strikes Back; the Halle Berry is the best Catwoman; that Michael Moorcock and China Mieville count as grown-up and serious writers, whereas CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien are immature and trivial.

We are gathering at midnight in our Batman costumes with torches and pitchforks to go discuss these and other decisions by the committee.

All Decisions by the Committee are Final