Superman Renouncing American Citizenship?

A news story on BBC Canada:

Editorial on the same topic, Breitbart’s Big Hollywood website:

In which Supes announces that the America Way is too small an ideal for him, the world being so modern and interconnected, donchyano.

While I am all in favor of elliptical interpretations of the First Amendment which allow protesters to trample the cross and burn the flag, my dislike of censorship has a limit. I, for one, would welcome an intrusive, nay, Cesarean law that ordained Superman, Captain America, and other beloved and iconic exemplars of the American Dream to be immune from casual Leftwing desecration.

Of course, since desecration is the prime, at times the sole, entertainment and pasttime of these poor and limited souls, perhaps it would be cruel to remove their sadistic hobby from them, merely for the peace, safety, comfort, mental and moral healthy, joy and wellbeing of the immense majority of the rest of us.

Moreover, from a legal point of view, Superman and Captain America are private property and taking it for public use without due compensation would be problematical. Unlike condemning private property and selling it to put up a privately owned mall on the grounds that the construction may increase tax revenue, which is Constitutional in our postmodern, postlegal, leftomaniacal society.

No, to avoid the legal implications, I suggest we, the comicbook-loving community, merely appear at the offices of DC comics, and stage a riot, have the level of violence spiral out of control, drag the editors and owners bodily out of the building, and hang them from lampposts, and laugh and tell Monty Python jokes while their legs kick, dancing with spasms, in the air, inches from the ground. Then we can scratch their car paint with keys.

I agree, this might cast a pall over the comicbook-loving community, and folk may look down upon us as barbaric—which is why we should all dress in headscarves and Bedouin robes for the bloody event, whereupon the news media and all righthinking people will take great care to present our side of the story in the most sympathetic possible light, and any one who points out, truthfully, that our barbaric act of vigilante multiple murder over an issue of trivial comicbook geekdom nerdification was, well, barbaric, any such feckless abecedarian naif can be silenced and ostracized by being called a racist.

And if famed science fiction writer Elizabeth Moon criticizes our actions in the most mild and indirect terms, the bold yet anonymous souls of the WisCon steering committee can decree with Olympian fortitude that they fear for their lives and safety, and ban her from appearing as guest of honor there.

And if anyone raises the objection that, no, being a fan of Superman, or of any comic book, does not constitute a “race” in any way, shape or form, any more than Cassius Clay and Cat Stevens are members of the same “race” we can always say —

ah, foolish of me.  No need to ponder how to answer. No one will raise that objection, will he?