Breach the Hull review

I am mentioned favorably in a review of BREACH THE HULL by Douglas Cobb at the Boomtron website:

I saw two stories by John C. Wright. I hadn’t read anything previously by him, but his name was familiar, and after thinking about it for a while, I figured out why:  he’s the husband of L. Jagi Lamplighter (I had the pleasure of both reviewing her novel, Prospero In Hell, and interviewing her; click here to read the interview).

I am amused and pleased to note that the time has come that I have always foreseen and foretold, when I would be known, as Percy Bysse Shelly is known, not for my own writing but because I am married to my more famous wife, Mary the authoress of FRANKENSTEIN.

I cannot tell you how strange it is to read a review of her book that mentions the Three Shadows Ones. There are three characters I originally made up when I was in High School for a Doctor Strange comic (what today would be called a fanfic.) I liked the name, and used them again, somewhat changed, as evil Selkie or shapetakers of Chaos in my Nine Princes in Amber role playing game. Jagi played in that game, and also liked the name, and borrowed them to be the enemies of the Magician Prospero in her book. So there it is — villains I made up four decades ago now appearing in print. Life is odd.

The two short stories of mine mentioned are Peter Power Armor, and Forgotten Causes: My tentative venture into the shallow end of the deep pool known as Military SF.

I don’t know if the misprint in the review or the book (or in the manuscript) but “Ethene” was supposed to be “Ethne.” The bratty girl protagonist (or antagonist, take your pick) from Peter Power Armor was named after the Fomorian, the daughter of Balor from Irish myth. Ethene is a nice name though.

Forgotten Causes is a favorite of mine, the only story I ever sold to the great Warren Lapine of ABSOLUTE MAGNITUDE and WEIRD TALES, who is the an editor who really understands the pulp action roots of our beloved SF genre. The short story feels incomplete to me: I had always hoped the muse would visit me with a sequel, so I could discover whatever happened to Marshal Lamech the last Terran Marine.