I came across this tidbit of news:
[…] With The Elder Scrolls 5 – Skyrim, this forward march to awarding recognition for same sex marriage has now reached the video game world.

While same sex relationships is not new in RPG video games, this year’s Dragon Age 2 featured a same sex relationship between former Grey Warden Anders and Karl. However, The Elder Scrolls 5 – Skyrim will actually allow same sex marriage not just same sex relationships. The news broke through Bethesda community/ PR point man, Pete Hines through his Twitter feed.[…]


At the same time I read this from Mark Shea:

Stacy Trasancos mentioned that she’d like to be able to take her little girl someplace without subjecting her to gays making out in public.

Huge mistake. The brownshirts have flooded her comboxes to scream about her urgent need to approve of homosexuality or face the consequences.

I suppose it is important for the propaganda of so self-evidently a false-to-facts proposition that perversion is non-perverse and sex is non-sex to be wedged into every crack of society. Even your games must conform. Even your blogs. Even your thoughts. Christ is bigotry; Ganymede is the new Christ.

The old Puritans did not want anyone, anywhere, to be outside the reach of their command, for fear anyone would have abnormal or unchaste sexual passions.

The new Puritans do not want anyone, anywhere, to be outside of the reach of their command for fear anyone would have the normal and chaste sexual passions, or, worse, a healthy dislike of the abnormal, perverse and unhealthy, or to teach their children likewise. Let us call them the Impuritans.

Since I was the butt of one of these craven Two-Minute-Hate intimidation sessions not long ago, I would urge any reader of mine of good will to go to the defense of Miss Trasancos.