Christian prohibitions on use of the word ‘Raca’ forbid me from speaking directly, so I will employ the rhetorical figure of irony, and say only:  Hail Caesar! Greater than Christ!

Our forefathers came to this country, after all, to allow a republican form of government to ordain the internal workings of the congregations of the faithful and of their consciences rather than a monarchic-parliamentary form of government, right? And if Christian teaching says we are not supposed to sue each other at law without first speaking to the brethren, then the law, which is the source of our salvation, must sweep aside the teachings of Christ, who, after all, was condemned by a legitimate Roman legal process, and Christ had lower polling numbers than Barabas.

Oh, and then the High Court speculates on the advisability of forcing Rome to ordain priestesses like the Anglicans do, under anti-discrimination law. No mention of ordaining gays.


Still, should I complain? Things were worse for my team under Queen Elizabeth, and under Diocletian. Rejoice, brethren.

But keep your powder dry, and go to confession.

h/t Mark Shea