Meanwhile, over at John Scalzi’s BIG IDEA

I hawk my latest wares. The book comes out this very day.


Mr Scalzi is unfortunately being kept busy by commenters who wish the warn the right thinking that I am a Catholic, therefore heterophiliac, and therefore doubleplusungood; and he is politely deleting their comments. I salute Mr Scalzi for his professionalism, because he no doubt sympathizes more with them than with me.

Also, under his leadership, the SWFA mansion in New Jersey is now surrounded by a ring of active defense auto-cannons and monitor drones, including the long-awaited giga-watt rail gun, and an army of maneating Harlan Ellison clones was released into the wilds of Manhattan. I voted for him once for SWFA Dark Lord, or president, or whatever it is called and will not hesitate to do it again.

I do worry that the ‘big ideas’ of which I speak in the trilogy do not appear in the first book, which is merely concerned with Earth and its immediate future. The far-future stuff does not show up until the third or fourth volume. Hope my advertisement does not mislead anyone.