Entitled to a Good Title

I wrote that I did not intend the title THE HERMETIC MILLENNIA to be interpreted to mean that several thousand-year periods were sealed in an airtight Mayonnaise jar — I admit that, read that way, the title has less punch.

Peirce O writes:

To me it evoked a feeling of some era whose history was so terrible or incriminating to those in power that it had to be sealed away and blotted from the pages of the record books, though, come to think of it, THE MAYONNAISE MILLENNIA has some nice alliteration to it. THE CONCUBINE VECTOR still seems an odd title to me, even though I have the context for it from TRILLION. The publishers need to be sure to put a big starship or other obvious sciffy element on the cover so that I can read it in public without getting funny looks.

I will talk to the art department right away!

Ah! Fortunately, I have the advanced copy of the cover art right here! I find it is exquisitely tasteful:


NOTE TO THE HUMOR IMPAIRED: This is a joke. The art department at Tor Books, under the guidance of Irene Gallo, is the best in the world. I have never had anything less than a striking and well designed cover grace my humble books.

Here is the real cover. Because the name “John C. Wright” is not well recognized, I have decided to write under the pen name of “Mr Tales”, with the first name “Weird.”