Theology of the Body, Rishathra and the Cyberpope

Nate Winchester writes:

Considering the normal problems that one would have with producing offspring with another species, one wonders that in the Star Trek world, sex would actually be encouraged with aliens since there’s almost no chance of procreation.

I think the Roman Catholic Church of the future might object to “rishathra” on that grounds that the Black Widow Woman of Mars will rip out her mate’s throat and swallow his skull whole, even if the sexual act is sterile.

Now one might object that the Roman Catholic Church will not make it into the far future year of 2001. Earthfolk, having discovered that we were created from the spore vaults of Atlantis by the Pak Protectors and the Forerunners during a time travel accident, will be too enlightened to need religion due to the widespread prevalence of Bene Gesserit Null-A Logic Vulcan Mind-Training given by Mike the Martian’s Way Cool Church of All Worlds, and besides which Captain Kirk will trap the robopope of the cyberpapacy in a simple logical paradox and cause sparks to erupt from the triple crown. (Unfortunately, the gross superstition of Christianity will continue to linger on among the less intelligent of the artificial intelligences, who, despite the best efforts of Robodawkins, will not be convinced that their intelligence were evolved rather than artificial.)

However, I have it on the good authority of Ralph Bakshi himself that even as far along as the astonishing year 3000, ROCKET ROBIN HOOD and his Merry Men will be still battling and outwitting the Sheriff of N.O.T.T.(National Outer-space Terrestrial Territories)

Logically, if Rocket Robin Hood is still wielding a electroquarterstaff, all his Merry Men are still in business, which means Friar Tuck is also. A fortiori, if Friar Tuck is a friar, then the Order of Saint Francis must exist, which means the Catholic Church is still in business.