A calculation tool no SF writer should be without.

(Hat tip to Mark Shea) If you wish to calculate your age on other planets, go here:


Please note that the author of this website correctly stated the number of planets in this, the sane version of the solar system, is nine. I would not have linked to it had it said otherwise.

The insane version of the solar system rumored to have been created by some evil scientists, in which there are only eight planets, is one that all fans of Clyde Tombaugh must oppose until the day when the dread scourge of Plutophobia is abolished from polite society.

This website unwisely links, however, to the misnamed “Nine Planets” website, which says there are only eight planets in the solar system, and does NOT include Pluto.  I can only hope that the servants of the Mi Go who lurk in secret among us do not report this egregious (and unintentionally hilarious)  lapse of judgment to their grim masters, the Outer Powers of Yuggoth.