Wednesday is Chik-Fil-A Day

Unfortunately, I spent my lunch money for this week going to Chik-Fil-A yesterday. So if you want me to go to eat anti-bullying-thug chicken sandwich today, you will have to put seven dollars into my my tip jar (see the tip button to the right).

By the way, this whole bullying tactic is based on a fraud, typical of the modern deception engine we call the Leftstream Media.

What Mr Cathy said was a rather unexceptional statement that he supported marriage. In other words, he said exactly what Leftists of the last generation had been saying for years. (Indeed, one of the Leftist criticisms of capitalism dating back to Marx’s time was that the free market broke up traditional marriage by forcing the wives of poor men out into the job market to work.)

Mr Cathy made no political statement, said nothing about a political policy nor endorsed a political candidate, and said nothing about homosexual so-called marriage as opposed to polygamy or anything else.

It is a fraud. The pervertarian Leftroids are merely trying to gin up hatred against an honest and Godfearing man who, because his business depends on public goodwill, is in no position to defy them.

We must defy them for him. Eat a chicken. Slap a Leftist with a chicken.