Saint Ambrose of Milan, Pray for Us

In the life of every writer and journalist comes that moment where someone else says just perfectly the thing you wanted to say. Fortunately, in the Information Age, you can just link to him, and ask your readers to read his post. In this case, it is Dr Marshall at Canterbury Tales:

In last night’s US Vice-Presidential debate, our Vice-President said that he was a faithful Catholic and that he personally believed that life begins at conception. However, he is pro-choice because he doesn’t want to impose his belief on other people.
What if Pontius Pilate said: “Me, personally, I believe you are the Messicanic Son of God. But I don’t want to impose that belief on the angry mobs outside. Sorry. You’re going to die.”
Or what if he said, “Me, personally, I believe Americans enslaving Africans is morally evil. But I don’t want to impose that belief on America. It’s a very emotional topic. Let’s allow each plantation owner decide for himself.”

Well said, sir. Well said.

My question is this: who is Mr Biden’s father confessor? Who is his bishop?

The reason why I joined the Catholic Church is that I thought we would be this vast, world-girdling conspiracy, hierarchic, disciplined, a real Church Militant with real Church discipline. I was not expecting the Opus Dei albino assassins from Dan Brown, although that would have been nice, but I was expecting a little bit of leadership and discipline.

I was expecting the Church to reign in our members who are a scandal to the Church. Why has Mr Biden not been excommunicated, or, at least, been chastised for publicly repudiating the formal teachings of the Most Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church?

Dr Marshall concludes with this comment:

Catholic bishops, we are praying for you. These Catholic politicians are your sheep. They, like us, deserve to be taught and governed. When they run astray and make these statements on prime-time TV, we feel defeated. They deceive the Catholic faithful and lead Evangelical Protestants believe that we are all hypocrites. Please be our heroes. Set the record straight.
Saint Ambrose of Milan, pray for us.


For those of you unfamiliar with the tale, Saint Ambrose is he who closed the doors of the church in the face of the emperor Valentinian after that great world leader had massacred the city of Thessalonica. By St Ambrose it was shown to the world that even the emperor must walk, barefoot and penitent, like any other sinner to receive the grace of the sacraments.