Save an American Citizen imprisoned for being Christian

I thought it my duty to pass this along and urge all my readers to sign the petition, and get three others to do so.

Now is the time to redouble our efforts for Pastor Saeed, a U.S. citizen imprisoned in Iran for his Christian faith.

On Friday morning, I’m going to testify before a House of Representatives panel on behalf of Pastor Saeed and on behalf of other persecuted Christians in Muslim lands. 

This is a crucial moment and our best chance yet to spur the United States government into action. 

Here’s where you can help.

We need to send a message.  We need 500,000 signatures to help Save Saeed by the time I testify.  If you have not signed the petition, please do so now.

Sign the petition to Save Saeed.

If you have signed, we are starting a new campaign called “Reach 3.” 

It’s simple: Think of three people who care about religious freedom, who care about the persecuted Church.  Simply tell them about Pastor Saeed.  Tell them about his unwavering courage and faith.  Send them to

Reach three to save one life.

Jay Sekulow
ACLJ Chief Counsel