Ongoing Investigation

Thought this was funny. Humor from Israel.


I would think it was more funny if it were not so painfully true.

Hm. I think I feel a screed coming on. Uh oh. There is no time to set this in any logical order, so I will merely don my coat of camel hair, eat by breakfast of locusts and wild honey, and speak as the spirit of ire moves me:

Make no mistake, we cannot prevail over the death cultists of Mohammedanism until we prevail over the culture of death of the Left. Of the two religions that hate Christianity and call America the Great Satan, Political Correctness is more pervasive and more persuasive. In part, this is because one of its religious dogmas, never to be questioned, is that it is not a religion and it has no dogmas: it is merely the truth believed by all right-thinking non-child-eating non-bigots.

Now that the Left has successfully undermined marriage and church and family bonds and the basis of true friendship (which is honor and good character) the atomized individuals have no friend but television, and so all their friends, that is, television, tells them that Leftism is the truth believed by all right-thinking non-child-eating non-bigots. And everyone they know — on television — agrees.

Television also tells them they are smarter than us, people who read.

It also tells them the way to win arguments is to mock the person of whoever holds the contrary opinion, and wait for the live audience to applaud, because that is the way arguments are won on show on television.

A second dogma is that Political Correctness does not exist. Talk to one of the cult. They don’t know what the word means, because only bigoted baby-eating wrong-thinkers like Emmanuel Goldstein use the word. So it does not mean anything and it does not exist. The first rule of Fight Club is never to talk about Fight Club.

And besides, everyone has their own version of Political Correctness, Right as well as Left, except the Right does it more and they are paranoid for thinking it exists because it does not because no one does it. And it is wrong to define your terms. Never, ever, ever define your terms because that is just labeling, and its is stereotyped, and sexist and racist and agist and homophiliphobonormative-ist.

(I wish I were satirizing this. No. I have heard a Lefty tell me both that PC does not exist, AND that everybody does it. He went on to say that everyone commits adultery and perjures himself under oath — I will leave you, dear reader, to deduce from the internal evidence in what year the conversation took place. Political Correctness changes with history and season and fashion, you know, since it is an eternal truth that there is no eternal truth.)

Which leads me to the third dogma, which is that all logic lies, and logical people are coldhearted and lack compassion, because A really is equal to not-A if you really, really want to believe it hard enough. You make your own reality. Believe in yourself. If you clap, Tinkerbell will live again.

(Again, I wish this were satire. This conversation happened this week. Oy.)

A fourth dogma is that the intellectual illiterates who cannot use logic, or be bothered to crack a textbook on history or economics, or bother to donate money or time to charity, are our moral and mental superiors. Their lack of education and inability to follow a simple three-step syllogism is what makes them so smartificer than the rest of us. That, and their lack of courtesy, common decency, self-control, honesty and honor. Because on television the cool kids, the rebels, the guys who don’t think, they are the ones who win all the arguments and fist fight and get the girls. And all your friend would not mislead you, right?

You can trust television because television says you can trust it, right? And C.S. Lewis was a sexist racist anyway!

See how it works? It is simple.

Ruin the educational system in the name of federal compassion for the children, accuse those who give more to charity (namely, the working poor, the middle class, the Christians) of being cold-hearted. Applaud those who give the least to charity (namely, the idle poor, the rich, the Politically Correct) as being compassionate for their willingness to take more money via taxes from us and give it to the idle poor.

Disintegrate the bonds of faith, the standards of decency, the definition of marriage, and heap opprobrium on men of good character, and praise villains and mass murderers and sexual deviants as heroes and martyrs, and you will eventually get a generation that has no character, no faith, no reason, no logic, no courtesy, no honor, and no ability to distinguish true from false, valid from invalid, reality from television but which has but loads and loads of self-esteem and a selfish sense of entitlement. They will have so much self esteem that they will never listen again to a logical argument or a scientific proof, because their self-esteem tells them that no one is smartasticer than are they.

And once you have made a whole generation into selfish, whining, inflated-egoist know-nothings, they will beg for chains, and riot when they do not get them.