The First Dr Who

…was actually a sinister and mysterious figure cut straight from the mad scientist mold of not explaining things to lesser mortals, and electrocuting them if they meddled with controls…


Note particularly the evil laugh at about 2.10. Creepy, creepy Doctor.

Lemme see… the 49th Century would put the Doctor and the Granddaughter, in the chronology of the Cthulhu Mythos, this is when empire of Tsan-Chan arises on Earth, or so the future histories of the Great Race of Yith record.

In the chronology of COUNT TO A TRILLION, right at the end of the Witch Era (when Micky the Witch hibernates) and just at the beginning of the Chimera Era (where Yuen hails from). According to my notes, this is at the end of the Centennial Witch-Empire in China, when Sino-Chimerae erect a military dictatorship.

Gee, by that scale, it is not very far off.