My Book, the Movie, asked me to cast the movie version of THE HERMETIC MILLENNIA.

Here below are my choices for the casting of the characters in The Hermetic Millennia. Unfortunately, the cast list is rather long, so we will not be able to match all the names to faces. I took the liberty of selecting actors and actresses regardless of their age, or whether they were still living and working.

Hence my first choice is for Menelaus Montrose to be played by Raymond Massey.He is not as homely as I describe Montrose to be, but then again, few actors are. menelaus montrose Next is Ximen del Azarchel, the Master of the World, to be played by Roger Delgado, the Master. There are several other Hermeticists in the story, of course, but he overshadows them.


Rania should be played by Rania. I realize Her Highness Rania of Jordan is not an actress, but then again she has the correct look and poise.


Let us do the rest in chronological order, starting with Trey Soaring Azurine, the Sylph, played by Ksenia Solo from Canada’s Lost Girl.


Ben Kingsley as Sir Guy the Knight Hospitalier.

sir guy

Mickey the Witch played by Fiazon Love from Elf.

Mickey the Witch

Irene Ryan, by herself, can play the other Witches from his era.


Jet Li as Yuen, the younger Chimera Alpha.


The older Chimera, Daae, to be played by Clint Eastwood after his hair went gray.


Lady Invinia is particularly hard to cast, but I will go with Eva Green.


Oenoe the Nymph is again difficult to cast. I select Tiffany Tang, who appeared in Chinese Paladin 3, which is perhaps my favorite television series to date. I saw it when I was in China. I am not sure where it is available here in the West.


For the other nymphs, nearly any Bollywood actresses or Japanese Gravure idols will do.


The Hormagaunt Soorm will have to be played by a special effect. I recommend Liam Neeson as the voice actor, only because I adored him in Rob Roy, a movie which I think I am the only person who saw.


Note: the above is not a picture of Liam Nelson, nor, unless my history books lied, of Rob Roy

Mentor Ull can be played, with some heavy makeup and trick photography, by Leo McKern, the British actor.

Mentor Ull

The Preceptor Illiance can be played by veteran character actor Lionel Jeffries.

Preceptor Illiance