No to Noah

I saw the movie NOAH just now. What a load of horse manure. In days to come, time permitting, I will pen a more thorough review, but for now, let me just say: Christian men, save your money. Go see GOD’S NOT DEAD. Tell Hollywood we don’t like movies about Biblical figures that mock the source material.

To any pagans or infidels reading this, you can go see it. The first half of the movie is not just okay, but actually good. One or two scenes are not just good, but great.

At the point in the film where Noah refuses to save the wife of Ham from a bear trap, so that he will live and die childless, and Africa go unpeopled forever, is the point when to walk out of the theater, because the second half of the film is not just bad, it is totally dumbtastic.

I should have gone to see the teen Dystopia movie instead, whatever it is called.