Ahead of the World

A reader with the Romano-militant yet trisdekaphilic name of Centurion13 writes his opinion of the sour Leftists who anoint themselves our elite:

“No wonder they hate Christianity so. Not only does it deny everything they are; it pulls the mask off them and calls them what they are and have always been – merely more fallen men sunk into wickedness.”

What I notice is that any man whose is unwise and uneducated, if he merely read the Bible, will know this fact which even all the wise and great do not know, and will understand what is going on in life.

Likewise, Aristotle, and all astronomers and physicists until Hubble, thought and taught that the universe was infinitely old, without beginning, uncreated. Our humble Bible-reader would have known what modern science teaches, which is that the universe does have an origin point, anywhere from fifty to five thousand years ahead of time.

During the Clinton scandal, I was an atheist, and I could not understand how any honest, intelligent man could fail to be outraged at the adultery, at the lying, at the lying under oath. I happened by mistake (or providence) to overhear a preacher with the thickest Southern hill-country accent — he sounded like a parody, or someone from central casting auditioning for a part in a remake of Beverly Hillbillies — but he said the only wise thing I heard anyone, Dem or GOP, say about the scandal. He said that all these men are defending Clinton because their sins are like his sins. They do not want him to be criticized for the filth in his soul because they love the filth in their own soul.

It made perfect sense. And yet all the pundits and commentators and radio talkshow hosts could not explain it.

So, speaking as a man with a rather broad and deep education, let me assure anyone that a man with a fifth grade education who reads and understand the Bible will know as much as I do, or know more, and be correct on issues ranging from the origin of the universe to the origin of the Clinton scandal. The world with call you a fool, because you will be between fifty to five thousand years ahead of where the world is.