Just a note for those of you who do not take me seriously.

Someone whose name I will not bother to repeat had the effrontery to write this question to me:

(quoting me) I am as patient as Job, and so entertain any comment that does not devolve either into swearwords or Holocaust denial.

Mr. Wright, would you have any respect at all for a Protestant blogger who refused to countenance “Spanish Inquisition denial”, let alone, say, a Buddhist blogger adopting the same stance in a show of solidarity with Protestants?

My father in law was a Jew in Germany during the war. He saw the camps. He wounded his hands tearing down the fence of one when it was liberated. He was awarded a Purple Heart.

I am not required by any possible interpretation of the rules of courtesy and goodsportsmanship in debate to listen to lying-ass would-be National Socialist vermin racist filth call my dead father-in-law a liar. Such a creature is an enemy to whom no quarter nor parley need be granted.

Let no one dare to send any message to me on this topic again.

pile-of-shoes_dachauIf the picture is too small to be clear, it is the shoes of the victims gathered at Dachau by the efficiency of the Germans. Count the number and divide by two.