Reviewer Praise for AWAKE IN THE NIGHT LAND

Mr. Bruce Charlton has some kind comments about AWAKE IN THE NIGHT LAND.

I have thus far read the first section – some 50-70 pages?) of John C Wright’s new book Awake in the Night Land – and I can see and say that here is an original and unique and very high quality prose artist – quite aside from any other virtues or deficiencies he may have as a writer of fiction.

What strikes me is the flexibility, the long phrasing, the assured naturalness (as conveyed by euphony or lack of jarring elements) – it reminds me most of when I first encountered Saul Bellow thirty-something years ago; when I was entranced by his prose-writing.

(I have come to dislike, indeed be revolted by, Bellow’s world view and the pretentiousness of his content; but remain intoxicated by the actual quality of the prose.)

Wright’s prose stands-out by its fluency.

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