Architect of Aeons Cover

My next volume of my Count to the Eschaton Sequence is scheduled to go on sale, according to one source, in April of 2015. This is not the official announcement from the publisher, so it is possible someone is jumping the gun.

Cover below the cut. Personally, I think this is great cover art:

cover Architect of Aeons

The climactic and wildly inventive fourth volume in a series exploring future history and human evolution.

The epic and mind-blowing finale to this visionary space opera series surpasses all expectation: Menelaus Montrose, having forged an uneasy alliance with his immortal adversary, Ximen del Azarchel, maps a future on a scale beyond anything previously imagined. No longer concerned with the course of history across mere millennia, Montrose and del Azarchel have become the architects of aeons, bringing forth minds the size of planets as they steer the bizarre intellectual descendants of an extinct humanity.

Ever driving their labors and their enmity is the hope of reunion with their shared lost love, the posthuman Rania, whose eventual return is by no means assured, but who may unravel everything these eternal rivals have sought to achieve.

Time to nitpick!

I am not sure who wrote this blurb, but this is not the end of the series, not the climax, and not the finale. (It may be the last book Tor chooses to publish, the if sales are inadequate, however. That is up to you, the readers, to decide.) The next volume is tentatively titled THE VINDICATION OF MAN and the last COUNT TO INFINITY.

Nor is mankind extinct during the course of this volume; that happens two books from now. On the other hand, the current version of mankind is indeed gone, but that has been the case since the opening chapter of volume two, when the Sylphs replace the Giants as the dominant subspecies of man.

The rest of the blurb is accurate, and captures some of the scope and daring of the tale.