Othering the Cis

CPE Gabler asks:

Aren’t those vile depths generally reached from a starting point of wanting to be more loving than God, and to be compassionate to the outcasts and disenfranchised? I believe you’ve said similar things in the past.

Yes, it is in the name of compassion that ideas like the ones debated below are promoted. Here, two connoisseurs of ‘Hentai’ (which is Japanese cartoons that range from Cheesecake to Porn to Freakyporn only the Japanese are sick enough to like) are discussing whether it is licit for a pornography artist to be uncomfortable drawing toon pics of a homosexual couples unnatural acts in action.

I am not making this up. This is not a parody.


“Ahhh, see, I just disagree. I feel that it’s okay to not be comfortable drawing a sex scene with two people of the same sex even if you are comfortable doing it straight.

It isn’t a social injustice like homophobia actually is, you can still support a person’s life style and sex life, even if you don’t want to see them having sex.”

As a queer person I have to say that if you have an issue drawing non straight couples doing something you have no issue seeing straight people do, that’s not really ‘supporting’ or accepting us.

You may not be actively negative about or towards non straight people, but treating our sex as different to straight sex is very othering.

I don’t want to make this a dispute, and I know a lot of people have a similar opinion of “I don’t mind gay people I just don’t want to see it”.

But I hope hearing why this is hurtful for us might persuade you to reconsider why it makes you uncomfortable.

It hurts to hear “what you do in bed makes me uncomfortable but it wouldn’t if it was straight people”. There should be no difference between seeing a man and woman, or two men, or two women.

This discussion also seems to be gearing around cis people. But there’s also the fact that gay/lesbian sex could in fact involve a penis and a vagina since trans people exist. In light of that perhaps ask yourself; what does make you uncomfortable about it, is it really the genitals involved?

Really it is a prejudice and you might not have bad intentions but it is harmful in its own way. If you accidentally hit someone on the arm, you might not have intended to hurt them, you probably like the person, but their arm still hurts. I have to deal with these negative little comments and opinions every day, in the media, from people at work, so it does add up, it does effect us.

Got that? A pornographer not as willing to draw nor stare at an image of cartoon copulation is ‘othering’ the freaks from the freakshow if he is not just as eager to draw and stare at cartoon sodomy.

All that was required was to define normalcy as uncompassionate, and to pretend all opposition to sin and evil and madness and perversion springs from uncompassion. Simple. It worked for homosexuals, and now it is working for so called transsexuals, who are men who have their dicks cut off and false boobs sewn to their chest, and given hormones, and who dress as girls and pretend to be girls. Those are the people compassion says should be allowed into the public bathroom next to your little girl.

And next will be polygamists, incest, necrophiliacs, whatever.

Then cannibals. We will be told how wrong and evil and BIGOTED it is to impose our dietary preferences on people who cannot help their taste in hamburger meat.

The people driving this bus are heterosexuals, usually people married with kids. They don’t give a rat’s ass about whether perversion is made legal or not. It is not personal.

They just want the rules broken and abolished, first of chastity, then of honesty, then of honor, then of language itself, so that no one and nothing can condemn them for their sins. Their method of seeking sinlessness is to abolish the law that condemns them, and suspend the use of the wisdom and judgment which holds virtue to be better than vice.

It is what that have instead of a sacrament of confession. Instead of going into a private booth to admit their sins and be forgiven, they go into the public square and accuse you and me and everyone in the world, hoping that all their accusers shall one day fall silent. Being free of conscience they imagine to be the same as being free of sin.