Purple Penguins and Black Sheep

This is not a parody:


Staff at childcare centres in the south-eastern suburbs told the Herald Sun the lyric was being changed because of concerns over the racial connotations of “black”, and to reflect a multicultural community.

Kindergarten teachers have told the Herald Sun a centre in Melbourne’s east had also considered changing the line “one for the little boy who lives down the lane” in case it could be deemed sexist. [Emphasis added]

Celine Pieterse, co-ordinator of Malvern East’s Central Park Child Care, said children could still use “black” if they chose to.

“We try to introduce a variety of sheep.”

Cheltenham’s Lepage Primary principal came under fire in 2010 after pupils were told to replace “gay” with “fun” in Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gumtree.

The Education Department said it did not tell early learning staff what to teach children.

It should be bothersome, at least to some people, that their actions are indistinguishable from parodies.

Please note, this is merely one example of countless daily examples of similar madness.

This is not an extreme aberration or one unusual bad apple in a barrel of healthy apples with healthy ideas. This is their idea, their core idea, the essence of their philosophy. Political Correctness consists of accusing the innocent, of finding problems where none exists, and teaching the young, the trusting, and the naive to think likewise.

These are the same people supported, encouraged, lauded, applauded, and defended by those who, everywhere from here on this blog to the White House, attack George Bush for invading Iraq, and call him a liar, even though he history has vindicated him beyond doubt, attack the Catholic Church for a ‘War on Women’ because we don’t want our Pope to pay for your birth control and abortion pills, attack Arizona for wanting to impose reasonable enforcement of existing laws deterring trespassing on our border, and who called JONNY QUEST racist, call imposing travel bans on Ebola-infected countries racist, call judging a man by the content of his character rather than the color of his skin racist, call someone who says scientific controversies should be settled using scientific methods racist, call the Tea Party racist, call Science Fiction writers racist, call Santa Clause racist, call everyone and everything from Job’s Turkey to God’s Stepfather racist.

These are people who are one and the same in mind and spirit with the media, the establishment, and voters who supported Obama, the voters who voted in your local and municipal government and school board. They decreed unborn babies not to be babies, marriage not to be marriage, health care to be the one good and service in the economy which, when rationed, will somehow grow more abundant, and the price going up is actually going down. And unemployment is not a problem. And running from a fight is winning a fight. And trading a traitor for five Al Quaeda top brass is a good deal. And it was only two rogue IRS agents who blocked the creation of groups opposing the Administration during the last election. And a Jihadi shooting our servicemen is workplace violence. And peace is war and ignorance is strength and Big Brother is Your Friend.

Leftism is a self-imposed mental disease. And Big Brother is not your friend.