Mid Term Election

Some thoughts, in no particular order, prompted by the events of last night’s election:

The Republicans have won a signal victory by an craven tactic of announcing no policy positions and making no promises, but merely by standing by and not being Democrats, as the Democrats announced no policy positions and made no promises but threatened women with an imaginary (and straitjacket-levels of lunacy screaming) Republican war on women, and threatened Blacks with the imaginary Republican racism, as demonstrated by such famous Republicans as Bull Connor, George Wallace, Lester Maddox, Orval Faubus, Nathan Bedford Forrest. The Democrats historically showed their love for Blacks by blocking anti-lynching laws, opposing Emancipation Proclamation, the Thirteenth Amendment, and the Fourteenth Amendment, is claiming that Republican proposals to prevent voter fraud are racist.

So, while the Democrat defeat is well and richly deserved because of the mind-boggling stupidity of their campaign strategy, I have heard no national Republican figure, no, not one, vow to abolish Obamacare, nor even to de-fund it. I have heard GOP leaders already make public statements eagerly promising to compromise and urinate the victory away into the gutter.

I have heard no one vow to abolish the EPA, the DOE, the NEA, the IRS, nor to execute by slow hanging Supreme Court Justices from the eaves of the Capitol dome who have betrayed their oaths to abide by the Constitution.

Antiabortion ballot initiatives passed only in one state but failed in two states. The Republicans did not actively support these measures, or, rather, if they did, I heard nothing of it.

Christian gentlemen, these heathens are not our friends, and they do not believe what we believe, and do not believe in Him in whom we believe.

Gentlemen, this is not the victory, but the beginning of the battle. Gird up your loins, sell your coat, buy a sword.

* * *

As of the time of this writing, the results in the Commonwealth of Virginia are still too close to call.

While I admire the Libertarian who takes a principled stand, the practical result of the Libertarian vote in Virginia was to rob the Republican candidate of what otherwise would have been a clear victory. I wish the Libertarians would not allow their strategy to contradict their tactics, since Democrat victory moves the nation further away from, not nearer to, the type of minimum-coercive government of which they dream. Libertarians of Virginia, your actions, whether such was your intent or no, makes it more difficult to dismantle Obamacare.

But I do not express blame, merely a wish, and not a one-sided wish. I also wish the GOP would make a concerted effort to woo Libertarians by adopting some of their economic positions strongly and clearly and vehemently. After we together have trampled the socialist weasels into obscurity, my Libertarian friends, then we can discuss drug legalization and sodomy marriage.

At least the discussion will be one between two groups of free men who agree on the basic ideal of liberty.

* * *

What should our strategy be? It is too soon to preach mutiny, bloodshed, and rebellion. I am convinced of Mark Levin’s plan of using Article V to amend the Constitution via state convention. The federal government cannot amend itself, nor will the Republican party correct itself, since they are part of the problem. We the people must provide the motive and means and seek the goal. The Constitution is broken; the letter of the law is dead. That great document has been marred; ergo it can be mended. I believe the dead can rise again.

I favor the strategy of the Liberty Amendments.

1)      Term Limits of both the House and Senate to 12 years.

2)      Repealing the 17th Amendment.

3)      Justices to serve one 12-year term, and granting both Congress and the state legislatures authorized to overturn court decisions with the vote of three-fifths of both houses of Congress or state legislative bodies.

4)      Limiting Taxation and Spending to 17.5% of GDP and requiring a three-fifths vote to raise the debt ceiling.  No tax to exceed 15% of an individual’s income.

And …  the deadline to file one’s taxes shall be one day before the next federal election.

5)      Limiting bureaucracy by sun-setting  federal regulations. All federal departments to be subject to stand-alone reauthorization bills every three years.

6)      Defining the Commerce Clause: the commerce clause grants no power to regulate and control activity; it provides rather to prevent states from impeding commerce among other states. This amendment would strike down the false interpretation imposed by the FDR-packed Court.

7)      Limiting Federal power to take private property

8)      Allowing State Legislature to Amend the Constitution: States authorized to bypass Congress and propose an amendment with support of just two-thirds of the states (instead of three-fourths) and without convening a convention.

9)      State Authority to Override Congress:  States authorized to override federal statutes by majority vote in two-thirds of state legislatures.  The last two proposals are rooted in the idea that the states only agreed to the Constitution on condition that their power would not be diluted and that all federal power is derived from the states.

10)  Protecting the Vote: A proposal to require photo ID for all federal elections and limit early voting.

* * *

To those who say cry a plague on both our houses, and say that it is futile and vain to vote, sit down and shut up.

Your position is not worthy of being discussed in a free country. The heroes who died to create and preserve government by the people from where they are enthroned in the heaven of Mars, where those who die in battle rejoice, can hear your damnable words.

It also is a position that plays into the hands of those you claim you oppose, fools.

As if Eve, hearing the lies of Satan, believes God unjustly wishes to keep the promised benefits of the forbidden fruit to make her into a goddess, but, when she eats, finds herself eating only death, and therefore she concludes that both God and Satan are liars. This conclusion makes the devil smile, for he has won. It does not matter to him whether she knows him to be the father of lies; small price to pay just so long as Eve considers God a liar also, and no longer trusts him.

I am nowise likening the GOP to a divine force. I used to cover this stuff for the news, friends, so I know the GOP to be a partly corrupt organization mostly composed partly of criminals. I have no faith in them. I do not look to any power of this world for my salvation, or even for success in political and economic matters.They are merely better than their opposition, who are wholly corrupt, wholly criminal, and eagerly panting with unholy and unnatural lust to see the destruction of Western civilization, starting with us, and a return to savagery based on tribes, races, factions, and the anarchy of totalitarian government, a state run by despotic whims, not laws.

But what I am saying that it is an Alinksyite radical Leninist propaganda tactic to convince you, their foes, to cease resisting on the grounds that it is vain to oppose them, vain to vote against them, on the grounds in turn that no ideals are valid, no goals within reach, no statesmen trusted, no fights worth fighting. Cynicism is not a civilized nor a cleareyed position.

Cynicism is cowardice.