Morons Riot for Stupid

From the pen of Jordan179, in words so trenchant, biting and true, that I must repeat them here.

Morons Riot in Ferguson to Defend Rights of Stupid Big People to Rob, Beat Up Small People

After Michael Brown, a really stupid big guy, strong-armed a box of cigars from a store, he was stopped by Officer Darren Wilson, who caught him with the cigars.  Because Michael Brown was a really big guy, and really stupid, he thought he could beat up Officer Wilson, and began doing so.  Officer Wilson then proceeded to demonstrate to him that force really does equal mass times (velocity squared), pumping six bullets into Michael Brown.

“Damn … I’m real big … this cannot be!” Michael Brown was not reported to say as the really small lead bullets, traveling at very high speeds, dumped large amounts of momentum into his body, because this was real life and Michael Brown was just an ordinary dangerously-violent bully, not a cartoon villain.  Nor did his body develop cracks, leak tremendous amount of energy, then erupt in a tremendous plasma explosion, though that would have been pretty cool.  Nevertheless, he died.  The average intelligence of the human race was reported to have slightly improved.

This was months ago.  Since then, mobs of morons, defending the rights of big people everywhere to beat up smaller people, have been looking to punish smaller people by devastating the neighborhood of Ferguson, MO, which is inhabited mostly by people smaller than Michael Brown and who he was in the habit of beating up whenever he felt like it.  They claim solidarity with the people of Ferguson, who are apparently dim-witted enough not to notice that this is where they LIVE and it’s THEIR stuff getting destroyed.

Today a grand jury, responding to the demands of the law instead of the whining of morons, refused to indict Officer Wilson because he engaged in a perfectly legitimate self-defense shooting of a dangerous, violent and let me add very stupid felon.  The whiny morons have now picked up guns and are shooting randomly in Ferguson.  Hopefully, the National Guard will march in and further increase the average intellect of the human race by shooting the morons, but who knows?  We live in a time of arrant stupidity at the highest levels these days.

There was probably a more dignified way of reporting this, but I’ve utterly lost patience with these fools.  If you want the version where Michael Brown was a poor widdle gentle-giant and Darren Wilson a cruel killer who ate babies for breakfast, just turn on CNN.  They’ll explain why this was all about race and nonsense like that.  I can’t be bothered to lie on my own blog.

My Comment:
I also pass along the coroner’s finding that Michael Brown was intoxicated with marijuana in sufficient amounts to cause hallucination. So in addition to being big and stupid, this brutal Ostrogoth thug with his knuckles still skinned from beating a tiny shopkeeper was high as a kite.

So naturally the press corps asks only his accomplice for his lies about the event, and they reported that as truth.

Newsmen these days seem to think that the devil in hell will assign them virgins, or houri, up to 72, to rape as their reward in the afterlife based on how many deaths, how much misery, and how much arson and destruction their shameless lies provoke and encourage.