Star Wars On Women

An update on the war on women!

This is a take off on a recently gone-viral video, to which I will not link, which shockingly revealed that young men are from time to time attracted to busty women seen walking alone in the bad sections of town, and the less well brought up will wolf-whistle or say hello.

Good thing our Progressive friends were alert enough to notice this epidemic of males being different from females, and good manners being different from bad.

Since our Progressive friends are shameless lying weasels, brain damaged with self inflicted ideological brain damage, or have sold their souls to Beelzebub (researchers, neurologists and theologians are still debating which is the most likely explanation) they do not know good manners are better than bad, nor that men are different from women. It is something the rest of us have known since roughly the early Paleolithic Age, which is why we painstaking developed over generations a series of laws and customs designed to accommodate the differences between the sexes, and to encourage good manners and discourage bad.

This is why they have been saying this over and over again for decades.

I assume their shock is that no one believes them. Since they decided on the anti-reality side of the War on Reality, it is an academic question whether they are sincere in their speech, and believe nonsense because of a weasel heart, brain defect or demonic possession or all three, or they are insincere and know that the nonsense they utter is meaningless blither, and feel no shame, due to a weasel heart, brain defect or demonic possession or all three. Neither option redounds to their glory.

If they were serious about protecting women from catcalls and low-class lust, then they would support and applaud chivalry in men and modesty in women, instead of hating and demeaning it, and treating an offer of escorting a women to her car in a dark parking lot as sexual harassment instead of a courtesy.

But they are not serious. They want power, money, applaud, and the appearance of occupying the moral high ground, and so the Left complains about non issues and falls mum when real issues raise their heads.

Say, feminists, point me to your gone-viral videos denouncing Islamic misogyny, genital mutilation, veiling laws, stoning, rape customs, and honor killings.