Chose this Day Whom Ye Will Serve

One of these following images is true, and the other false. You must serve one. There is no neutral position, no Switzerland, in this war, and no way to evade nor escape the choice.

Look. Look at these two worlds. Use your damnable eyes.

Option A:

opt a

Option Not-A:


Do you understand what you are looking at? In the world of Option A, the Mohammedan is the enemy. In the world of Option Not-A, the Christian who fights the Mohammedan is the enemy.

Option A is reality. Option Not-A is Cloudcuckooland.

They are mutually exclusive.

Calling for more gun control, blaming Christians or claiming a civilized religion is no less blameworthy as a barbaric one, blaming the victim for provoking the enemy, calling innocent bystanders racist because we tell the truth about the heresy of Mahound, all of these are neurotic or psychotic behaviors aimed toward one end: to elude, escape, and evade the choice.

Dear leftist, progressive, social justice warrior, radical, feminist, or whatever the hell you are calling yourself this season: Your time is up. All escape exists are blocked. Your line of credit has run out.

Either surrender your freedom of speech now and forever to any troglodyte thug willing and able to menace you, and extend your neck meekly to the fetters, and meekly kiss the truncheon that beats you; or stand like men with those who will stand and fight, and cease your petty treason, and forswear your many bigotries and hatreds against the whites, the men, and the Christians who built for you this priceless and unparalleled civilization of the West.

Surrender or stand. Failing to stand is surrender.

The choice is between life or death, liberty or slavery, good or evil, civilization or barbarism.