Only You Can Halt Puppy Sadness — PART THREE!! Revenge of the Son of the Puppy of Dune versus Godzilla!

Science has proven the the leading cause of sadness in puppies is the Leftwingization of the Hugo Awards, so that awards are being given on the basis not of their merits, but on the basis of their political correctness.

And since political correctness requires that storytelling be smothered and smug yet whiny preaching arrant nonsense be exulted, politically correct stories suck like an industrial strength shop-vac.

In other words, the award for the best novels and short stories has been highjacked to serve the social justice warriors, screaming meemies, cultural Marxists, and nyctalope cannibal troglodyte Morlocks, and their stories are poorly conceived and poorly executed trash. Novels are getting awards not because they are good, but only because they are Leftist.

Here is the announcement of he announcement:


Patch by Lee Madison

It is that time of year again. If you would like to register to vote for the Hugo awards you will need to do so before the end of January. If you participated last time, you are still eligible to nominate this year.

Sad Puppies is a campaign to get authors and artists nominated, who would normally be shunned by the politically motivated Social Justice Warriors who had become an insurmountable voting block.

Last year I did a big push with several blog posts and cartoons (featuring Wendell as our spokesmanatee) to try to get people who aren’t typical WorldCon attendees to participate. We managed to get people and things despised by SJWs nominated to almost every category. The ensuing public freak out was hilarious and proved my point.

This year I’ve been pretty swamped with one big writing project (1st book coming out October 2015) and a couple other secret projects, but Brad Torgersen has picked up the gauntlet to make up from me being a huge slacker.

The announcement:

The explanation:

What you can do to help:

So there you go folks. Enjoy.

For those of you who missed Sad Puppies 2: Rainbow Puppy Lighthouse the Huggening, but would like to see a great example of somebody proving a point, here is a recap of what happened last time:

My comment:

The hard working Larry Correia is overwhelmed! We must save him, by which I mean, you must do all the work because I am writing a novel! Go forth! Buy a membership!

Tell everyone you know, starting with the milkman! Run down the street like George Bailey wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, but shout out instead about the Sad Puppies initiative, until Bert the Cop bludgeons you into silence with his truncheon.

Go forth, my minions! Do not just vote the vote! Be the vote!

Vote like the wind! You are a leaf on the wind!

I don’t know what that line means either!  Wash died a chump death!