Dinosaur-sized bigotry

Sarah Hoyt speaks at length about the disturbing nature of the short story ‘If You Were a Dinosaur, My Love‘ by Rachel Swirsky which was a story I could — and did — do a better version of in one sitting, in less than an afternoon. And I did it without ripping off IF YOU GIVE  A MOUSE A COOKIE. Now my yarn might not be to your taste, but at least it is a story, with a beginning, middle and end, characters, and all the other apparatus of a story; and it contains science fiction. That makes it a (1) science fiction (2) story. Miss Swirsky’s work is neither.

I, for one, congratulate rather than belittle Miss Swirsky for her award. She deserves heartfelt congratulations. It is the voters I belittle. They betrayed their trust. They deserve the whipping post.

Sarah Hoyt talks about what the story’s choice of theme and antagonist implies:


When I was very young I used to think that stories where everyone died, or stories where pointless but sad things happened were about the best thing ever. They were profound and so different from every other story I’d read till that time which were all boys-adventures or fairytales that ended well and with a moral.

If You Were A Dinosaur my Love’s win bothered me at a level I can’t begin to explain, and it still bothers me, like an aching tooth to which the tongue keeps returning.  It’s not just that could have been written by me at 12 and would have got, from my middle school teacher, exactly the sort of praise it got from science fiction professionals.

It’s the ideas packed into the story that are truly disturbing.

A story that reveals a total lack of knowledge of an entire class of people (manual laborers) and instead others them as sort of scary all purpose evil that will beat to death anyone who doesn’t look/act like them won an award voted on by – supposedly – adult professionals. Not only that, but adult professionals who keep claiming their tolerance and love of the “other.”  What’s more, adult professionals who would almost certainly embrace “Marxism” as a good or at least correct idea.  When did Marxists start loathing and fearing the working class?

And admitting it?

Read the whole thing. I found it shocking. Her remarks open up the gangrenous wound and show the maggots already swarming among the dying flesh.

The word for when a person erects in his mind a false image of a group of people, and sees them only as that image, that false stereotype, and moreover it is a despicable stereotype, one that robs them not just of dignity, but of their very humanity… that word is bigot.

Something rotten, very rotten has happened to the Left just in my lifetime.

They used to be champions of free speech; and now they are its most vehement opponents.

They use to be able to give some sort of argument or logical reason for their position, even if an incorrect argument; now they have no argument, none of them, aside from wild and insincere accusations delivered in a mechanical fashion without any hope of being believed, phony as a three-dollar bill.

They used to be firmly on the side of the workingman; now they hate the workingman as a white racist oppressor.

They used to be in favor of free love and the sexual liberation; now they object to rocket scientists wearing shirts with cartoon women printed on them, they object to science fiction magazines showing a scantily clad warrior princess slaying a monster, and they call all sex rape, and demand strict segregation of women and men. In other words, they are as peevish as Puritans about sex. Yet on the same day as the rocket scientist was reduced to tears making a public apology for wearing a shirt with cheesecake toon babes on it, the valiant female warriors for modesty and decency appear in front of the Pope, writhing on the ground naked with crosses and crucifixes inserted into their vaginas. So the Puritan rules apply arbitrarily, without sense or order, to anyone or no one.

They used to be in favor of Blacks and other minorities; now their disgust for all the impoverished and dispossessed is plain to see. All they want is to keep the Blacks on the plantation, addicted to welfare, addicted to crack, their children aborted, their parents unwed.

They used to be in favor of the Jews, and other minorities; now they kneel to Islamic Jihad at every opportunity, vowing that those who slander the prophet of Islam will not be in the future, and ergo the Left now curse the Jews, and pray daily for the destruction of Israel, and a new Holocaust in the warhead of a Muslim nuke. A Holocaust in a split second what took Hitler and all his troops and trains and bureaucrats and death camps years to accomplish.

What? You say that his the not what the Left says? That they say they are creatures of purity, goodness, and sweetness, who live only to help others out of the depth of their hearts and the depth of your wallet? No, that was the old Left, back when the Left still had some scraps of sanity and intelligence.

They serve Sauron and have forgotten their own names.

They do not say what they are, because, if you listen to them, they say that words mean nothing, that truth is relative, that all civilizations are no better than savagery, that no religion is better than another, and that anything which is not illegal is allowed.

So of course they say they are perfect angels: because the word has no meaning to them, no words have meaning, and telling the truth is not correct. Only political correctness is correct.

Now they have gone fullbore barking moonbat mouthfoaming evil. The last traces of decency were scraped away with an exacto knife the day the Feminists publicly defended Bill Clinton abusing an underling, and no one on the Left rebuked them: and that was decades ago. Now they defend and make common cause with the Jihadists, who use power tools to drill holes in the legs or skulls of small children whose parents they wish to impress.

You see, it does not matter if the Jihadists act like the mass murderer from the movie SAW combined with Freddy Kruger combined with Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Che. Che is a hero of theirs. Mao is a darling of theirs.

Point out any barbaric act by any Jihadist, and the Leftist will say two things: (1) Christians are just as bad, and therefore cannot make the moral judgement that Jihadists have done bad things; (2) Not all Muslims actively support the Jihad; it has nothing to do with their religions, which is noble and peaceful.

Point number (1) might be confusing to you, like hearing a man over and over saying he can eat the Sun for lunch. It is so far removed from reality that their is no normal explanation for it. It is not the kind of lie one says in order to deceive someone, and certainly no one with an IQ number higher than his shoe size would deceive himself with such a comically unbelievable statement.

The second point is likewise nonsense, but for the opposite reason. Everyone knows that not all Muslims are Jihadists in just the same way that not all Germans are SS Officers, and not all Russians are Communists. No one talked about the non-Red Russians or the non-Nazi Germans during the Cold War or World War Two because these people, no matter their numbers, were powerless in the grip of the enemy, and either actively supported them or reluctantly supported them, but in either case were no use to us. So why keep mentioning them? Why bring it up each and every time Jihad is mentioned?

Well, it is to placate the opposite idea. This is an idea held by no one, that all Muslims practice and support Jihad, and that ergo it is right and just to slay any and all Muslim wheresoever found, regardless of innocence or guilt.

This is an idea held by no one, but it is what the Leftist think all the non-Lefists think.

Well, to be sure, no real Leftists actually thinks that. It would be insane.But they pretend to think that, because it gives them a convenient excuse to criticize us. Whenever a Jihad attack occurs, the first thing Leftists do is fret about a Backlash.

There is, of course, no Backlash. Like the myth of the moderate Muslim, the Backlash is a  lie.

The Leftists know it is a lie, but they are afraid that if the Christians discover that Islam is a violent and dishonorable religion, our Christian bigotry, Christian hatred, Christian violence, and Christian loathing of all dark-skinned people will boil to the surface so suddenly, that cities will be in flames, mobs in peaked white hoods will slay all the Negroes, and innocent Muslims be marched into gulags and concentration camps, slaughtered in the same astronomical numbers the Mao slaughtered people, Stalin slaughtered people, and the Muslims slaughter people now.

Is that clear? Every time some Leftist says “But not all Muslims are terrorists” he is accusing you, Christian man or woman, of being a hate-filled bigot one half-inch away from a berserk killing spree, not to mention a theocratic totalitarianism as bad as … well, as bad as any Muslim nation.

They would rather die at the hands of a mad bomber than be accused of being like you. They think you are  a racist, a bigot, a theocrat. They hate you more than they hate the Devil. The devil they salute as a rebel and freethinkers. To him they dedicate books.

Leftism is hatred. Everything that is normal, sane, healthy, holy, rational, or good, they hate.  They hate the death penalty for murderers and love suicide and euthanasia. They have daydreams about the human race being wiped off the globe, in order to preserve the Guatemalan water snake or the Puritan stink bug. They hate marriage and love sodomy. They hate wealth and success. They hate population; they hate people. They are fearless when it comes to Jihad and fearful when it comes to the weather. They love abortion most of all: nothing gives a Leftist hearts in his eyes faster than contemplating a score or a hundred dismembered dead babies piled up in a heap outside an abortion mill, and denied a Christian burial.

They cannot even stand each other any longer. The Left is devouring itself: http://pjmedia.com/eddriscoll/2015/01/31/the-left-devours-itself/