Geek Gab! Episode 14

The gentlemen of Geek Gab are discussing ‘One Bright Star to Guide Them’ in their podcast.

They mention my name starting at about 5.30. Daddy Warpig says that there is nothing professionally published authors find nothing more endearing than hearing unpublished schmucks talk about their work: I assume he means this ironically, but he unwittingly speaks the truth.

There is no entrance exam to take to be a fan, aside from reading enough of the books to give your opinion heft.

Nothing is more democratic than being a fan: your vote or mine for making a story famous counts as much as any Tom, Dick, or Harry, and believe you me, there are a lot of Dicks with opinions, so a few schmuck opinions will make a nice change.

(Yes, Daddy, I listened to the show. I am a man of my word.)

Much of the discussion is spent wondering what One Bright Star would have been like had it been a novel.