Snubbed by Locus

Mr Glyer at 770 reports, perhaps with the slightest hint of schadenfreude in his tone, that none of the Sad Puppies slate for last year were included in the Locus Recommended Reading list for 2015. His column is here: .

Now, if this Locus list is being presented as evidence for the proposition that all non-Leftist Science Fiction authors are without merit, and that the voting patterns of Worldcon are therefore justified, hence cleared of the charges of favoritism and political correctness leveled by Sad Puppies, then it has failed of that purpose, at least insofar as the first few comments interpret the matter. For them, the list is being taken as evidence not that Worldcon is cleared of favoritism and Left-leaning bias, but only that Locus shares it, and therefore can no longer be trusted (if it ever was) to be a neutral and objective judge reporting on the science fiction field.

The support of my work by the comments beneath the 770 article is very gratifying to me. I notice the only comment posted as of the time of this writing (2/2/2015) that is in the least negative is from someone who has not read the work, and is merely speculating as to what may have prompted Locus to leave me off their list.