Ultimate Pi Moment Approaches! AD 4213 Approaches!

Tomorrow at 9.26 and 53 seconds, it will be

3/14/15 9:26:53

Which is pi.

This will happen only once in the history of time.

The world ends. Prepare yourself.

(unless you are not on military time, in which case it happens twice, am and pm)

Or, wait, maybe this happens once a century. Or perhaps the world ended in 1415? or in 1592 at 6:53? 

You see, the reason why no man knows the hour or day of the end of the world, is that the math is too complex. Also, it is based on the square root of two, not on the ratio of circumference to radius, so relax.

The world actually will end … hmmm…. 1.41421356237 works out to 1/41/4213 at 56:237 or in other words,  the world will end on January the 41st, in the year AD 4213, at 237 minutes past 56 0’clock, so we are safe.