Social Justice League of Race and Gender!

I have an announcement and a question. Announcement first:

All New Team! All Different Avengers!

Now purged of White Males!

Social Justice Avengers - Copy

This is the cover for All-New, All-Different Avengers, which will premiere on May 2nd. How are they all different? Let’s look.

  • Starting from the bottom left, we have Ms Marvel. This is not Carol Danvers, White adult, but is Muslim Pakistani teen Kamala Khan. She does not have the powers of Carol Danvers, but something more like Reed Richards or Plastic Man. And she glows in the dark.
  • Next is Spider-Man. This is not Peter Parker, White, but is Miles Morales, Half-Black, Half-Hispanic. He has Peter’s powers, but also Spiderwoman’s bioelectric shocks.
  • Next is Nova.  This is not Richard Rider nor Jesse Alexander, White, but Sam Alexander, Hispanic. Same powers as any member of the Nova Corps.
  • Aloft is Iron Person otherwise called Rescue. This is not Tony Stark, Male, nor even James Rhodes, Soldier, but Pepper Potts, Tony’s secretary and confidante, Female. Same powers, since they come from a suit of power armor. (UNCONFIRMED! This might be Tony after all. Or Rhodie. Or Doctor Doom.)
  • Midmost is Captain America. This is not Steve Rogers, White, but Sam Wilson aka Falcon, Black. Same shield, tough fighter, psychic link with a falcon.
  • Surmounting all is Thor with Boobs. This is not Don Blake, not Eric Masterson, not Jake Olsen, Red Norvell, not Beta Ray Bill, Captain America, Wonder Man, or Throg. Also, it is not Valkyrie nor Sif, no, nor is it Tarene the Thor Girl. She is a Woman. Same powers, since they come from the hammer.
  • Right is Vision. He is actually Vision, a red-skinned android. Unless he is Wonder Man. He alone is the same as he was. Maybe being a synthetic man is sufficiently nonthreatening.

Now, here is my question: Did you or did you not think the All-Affirmative Action Avengers was an April’s Fool’s Day prank? You thought I was making this up?

This is what the Marvel Comics says about Kamila Khan:

Kamala Khan was a Pakistani-American born in Jersey City after her parents moved from Karachi, Pakistan. Though respectful of her heritage, Kamala always felt different; she had nerdy interests, strict parents, and did not meet the white Eurocentric standards of beauty.

Ah! So she does not meet the WHITE and EUROCENTRIC standards of beauty! If you are not familiar with the term ‘Eurocentric’, good for you. Keep away from people who use terminology like this.

What is missing from the team, of course, are any Christian White Male Adults who might act like a Father figure, a leader, an alpha male, a hero.

Whites are not heroes, not gods, not leaders, and all Christians are bad guys. Only Muslims are good, goddesses, and mulattoes.

While there is nothing wrong, and, indeed, much to be admired in stories of bumbling teens trying to grow up — there is a whole genre called bildungsroman or Coming-of-Age stories — such tales are not meant to depict what real men are like, only what like learning to be a real man is like.

While there is nothing wrong, indeed, much to be admired about characters like Falcon (who totally kicked butt in the movie version) and no reason why he cannot take up the shield of Captain America — he is an American, isn’t he? — there is something wrong when Marvel comics minoritizes Spider-Man and Ms Marvel and at the same time feminizes Thor and Iron Man.

Meanwhile, the one and only person on the team with a clear religious identity is the Muslim girl. This is a religion which has, whether anyone admits it or not, declared war on the whole world, and has, whether anyone says so or not, adopted terrorism and stealth jihad as the main means to wage that war.

This is the same as if, during World War Two, a comic book made one of their heroines a member of the Nazi party. But one of the those nice Nazi party members who do not approve of Hitler, or the other official doctrines, written in the official literature, of the organization to which she willingly belongs. Such a comic character would appeal to the moderate Nazis whom we do not wish to alienate, since, after all, Hitler highjacked the noble institution and motives of the Party.

Again, I have nothing against positing superheroines from any number of backgrounds — but wouldn’t a Jew or a Protestant have a right to get queasy if Marvel put out a comic team consisting of, say, Daredevil, Nightcrawler, Huntress, Ghost Rider and Zorro, called the Inquisitors, that was organized by the Pope, meeting in a secret, sacred vault beneath the Vatican, blessed with Holy Water before each mission, and going to confession after, etc. — and the main selling point of the characters, emphasized over and over in all promotional literature, was that they were Catholic, and that the heretics and Jews were excluded? Would you find that a trifle icky?

Imagine the banner: “The Inspiring INQUISITORS! Confirmed in the Faith! Gathered from the Four Corners of Christendom! A New Team with a New Look! and look! NO JEWS!”

Let as take a look at the average review, shall we? What is the main selling point of this All-New and All-Different  Avengers team, praytell?

We’re seeing a more realistic feel affecting the Marvel Universe. It makes sense for the team not to be just a bunch of white dudes. If Iron Man is really Pepper Potts, that would make three females on the team. We have different races and the characters aren’t the first-generation versions we’re used to. There will be a lot to look forward to with this team. This isn’t a version of the Avengers we’ve seen hundreds of times.

— from

Realistic = No white dudes. Got the message?

I admit, I was annoyed by the black Aqualad on Young Justice at first, but only at first: the writers made him into a real character, not merely a token or a cipher, and I frankly like John Stewart (not the comedy news guy) more than Hal Jordan (and I like Hal Jordan a lot. Like my own father, he is a test pilot). Nick Fury being black, I actually thought was cool from the beginning. Again, substituting Hawkgirl for Hawkman on Justice League was a clever move, since a winged man would have been overshadowed by Superman and Martian Manhunter, and she made a nice foil for Wonder Woman, and a great love interest for Green Lantern.

So, don’t get me wrong: I am a comic fan. I like the switcheroo thing. I think that whenever you have a Batman, Superman or Hulk, that story gets better once you also have a Batgirl, Supergirl or She-Hulk. I wanted to see more of Thunderbird and Longshadow (and less of Apache Chief, thank you very much). Black Panther of Wakanda has always been one of my favorites, along with the Vision, and Doctor Strange. I like characters, any character, of any background, so long as they are good characters.

What I don’t want is to have my favorite characters snatched away from me and have this politically correct pile of bile thrust into my face.

The first time, even the first dozen times, Marvel pulled a Politically Correct Brownie Point stunt like this, glorifying the very people who have made, if truth be told, less contribution to Western Civilization over the centuries than the groups they are being pasted over, it seemed reasonable, and in some cases overdue.

But after the thirteenth time or the thirtieth, it is no longer about finding a place at the table for those who have been excluded: it becomes a matter of excluding people on the basis of race, sex, religion. And that is the mere opposite of what diversity and affirmative action claims to make its goal.

Remember, SJWs are to Liberals as Liberals are to human beings, that is: a Liberal is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, speaking soft and pleasing words about kindheartedness and sharing and eliminating private property as he approaches a human being, hoping to lull the human being to sleep, so that he might fall upon him and devour him, suck out his brains, drink his blood, crack his bones.

The SJWs are wolfs dressed like wolves in sheep clothing, and they approach the Liberals speaking soft and pleasing words about diversity and inclusion and homophobia, and all the soft and meaningless buzzwords of Liberal mental vacuity as he approaches, hoping to lull the Liberal to sleep that he might fall on him and crack his bones, and erect safe spaces and speech codes and inquisitions of ideological purity, and so on.

Even as every Liberal is surrounded by a flock of sheep too stupid to notice that the wolf is a wolf with a skinned, dead sheep on his back, so too the SJWs are surrounded by a pack of stupid Liberals, who think him one of them, and assume his goals are theirs.

But no: an SJW is a racist straight up on the rocks with no chaser, merely, unlike a Nazi, a racist who hates and blames the White Christian Male rather than the Jew for all the imaginary ills of his warped and broken life.