Entertainment Weekly Hates Puppies and Makes them Sad

Entertainment Weekly, a subsidiary of Time, Inc. unleashes an unwise torrent of libel, slant, misinformation, lies. Good grief.


Larry Correia, International Lord of Hate, says, It is possibly the most flat out wrong I’ve ever seen a news article in my life, and I’m including stuff about pyramid power and reptoids in there.

And our bold Spokesmammal, Wendel, says Hrroooooonnn!

Wise words, Wendel. Wise words.

The Reptoid Archon Z’zrlel Z’zwa of Egg-Cluster Zhwmn, Grandmaster of the Sixth Configuration, the Subchief of the Human Subcreature Vivisectionist Division from Alpha Draconis (Thuban) says, You naked ape dudes from earth are just freaks. I am at a loss for the communication drool we use instead of words! You are an embarrassment to the Orion Arm of the Galaxy! We are advancing the time table, activating our long buried tesseractoid powers at Ghiza Pyramid and Machu Picchu and will soon reduce you to meat animals, deflower your nubile she-creatures, and eat the brains of your younglings!

Gee, good work, Entertainment Weekly. Thanks to you, now we have reptoids armed with pyramid power to worry about! Good going, jerks.

The comments section is something to see. The factual distortions are mentioned immediately by friendly or neutral voices, and the Morlocks merely grunt and swear and repeat the same libels they have no doubt macro’d into their computer: racist, sexist, thisist, thatist, theotherist, blah, blah, blah, and yes, we all hate Emmanuel Goldstein. He is the most dangerous and treacherous man in Oceania.



I am ashamed ever to have been a newspaperman. They now are now known by the general public to be more rat-eyed fork-tongued and crooked than lawyers, and I used to be a lawyer, too, so this does not work out for me.