I Hurl Down my Gauntlet at Thee

A man whose mouth, as it turns out, is larger than his head, rejoicing in the imperious name of HoR_Emperor makes the following fascinating statement in the comments here (http://scifiwright.com/2015/04/weekly-standard-on-sad-puppies/#comment-114323):

I do not think Beale is a racist because of “leftist accusations.” I think he is a racist because reading his site (and the recent interview with him that got posted on Larry and Brad’s Facebook pages) shows he clearly subscribes to crackpot pseudo-science racialist fantasies.

It can be tempting to fall into the fallacy of assuming that anyone who is accused by the Left is automatically therefore innocent and good. In the case of Mr Beale, however, this would be a mistake.

To which the following replied were penned, first by yours truly:

Excellent! I am glad to hear this! Please quote back to me, word for word, and with a link so that I can see the statement in its original context, even one statement by Mr Beale that can justly be called a crackpot pseudo-science racialist fantasy?

Since you speak in a breezy plural, I assume the task will not be difficult?

Since you are a gentleman, if you cannot satisfy this simple request that you support your accusation with proof, you will of course proffer a humble apology.

Next, without my admittedly unsightly sarcasm, by one Richard Comerford, a Christian gentleman:

Mr. HoR_Emperor:

Would you be so kind as to post a link to the allegedly “crackpot pseudo-science racialist” fantasy interview? Thank you.

To which he adds, as an aside to me:

Mr. Wright:
Re: Theodore Beale (Vox Day)

In an earlier posting you recommended Mr. Beale’s blog. I followed it for several months. I could not find any comment made by Mr. Beale that was remotely hateful, ethnically intolerant or racist. Mr. Beale did, IMO, display a genius for social observation, analysis and commentary. In said commentary, far from expressing racist sentiments, Mr. Beale appeared to have sympathy for the plight of various minority groups. Interestingly enough Mr. Beale claims to be ethnically of both Native American (Indian) and Hispanic descent.

Perhaps his detractors have Mr. Beale confused with somebody else?

And again:

If I were to accuse Mr. Beale of being an alien scout from the planet Zog who is here on earth preparing the way for a great invasion fleet sent by the Monkey King who rules Zog; would not reasonable folks ask me:

“Where then are his tentacles, his bug eyes, his green skin, his stealthy space scout ship, the magic emerald which allows Mr. Beale to communicate with the Monkey King?”

So then is it not reasonable from me to ask of Mr. Beale’s accusers: “What were his racist acts, his racists statements, his racist writings? Indeed please tell me what you mean by the epithet “racist”. Please debate this matter with me so that together we may find the truth.”

So please, dear accusers, please come forth and in all justice and charity discuss this matter with me.

And yet again, this time perhaps with a bit cheeky tongue-in-cheek:

Alas, I note that neither Mr. HoR_Emperor nor any other of Mr. Beale’s numerous critics have taken me up on my offer to debate Mr. Beale’s alleged racism based on the facts found in the public record. I think that there are two possible reasons for Mr. HoR_Emperor el al for failing to appear:

1. They are afraid of engaging my overwhelming intelligence and razor sharp repartee in this matter;


2. There are no facts to be found in the public record supporting their claim that Mr. Bale is a purported racist.

Which of the two above cited reasons is most likely for their failure to appear? Why reason number 1 of course!

God bless

Richard W. Comerford

It has only been a day, and the Emperor no doubt has Christians to throw to lions and other imperial business, but I note that so far, neither he, nor any other voice from the Bullying & Screaming Squadron, called BS for short, has clarified nor supported the accusations.

Instead we hear the sound of crickets.

I open the conversation to anyone willing to speak up.

We have heard Mr Beale, and by implication, all Science Fiction writers and readers associated with Sad Puppies or Rapid Puppies, called racists and white supremacists and bigots. The accusations have been made and repeated for over a decade, and repeated again, and again, and again.

Please bring forward the first scintilla of proof: I would like a word for word quote, please, and with a link to see the statement in context.