We are mad when they lie about us, they are mad when we tell the truth about them


Larry Correia notes

Yesterday the following media outlets ran articles about the Sad Puppies campaign, in which they either directly said or insinuated that it was run and populated by racist straight white males with the goal of keeping scifi white and male. (not true)

It was almost like they were all reading off the same script.

Stupid EW

Most of them said our slate was exclusively white, straight, and male (not true)

Most of them said that last year was a big win for diversity (I believe last years winners were all white and one Asian).

Most of them said our slate was exclusively right wing (not true, in fact the majority skew left, we have socialists, liberals, moderates, libertarians, conservatives, and question marks. To the best of my knowledge, I believe that last year’s “diverse” winners all espoused the same social justice politics).

But there is no bias in this perfectly functioning system. My side said that political narrative trumped reality in this business. Believe me yet?

We’ve seen this behavior before, but never at a level so blatantly false.

By all means, read the whole thing: http://monsterhunternation.com/2015/04/07/addendum-to-yesterdays-letter/

I will also add:

And now for a change of pace

Here is some sanity from the other side of the sanity-insanity wars.

From National Review:


From Instapundit:


And from Investor’s Daily:


And from The Federalist:


From the American Spectator:


So, Morlocks, I see your Entertainment Weekly and raise you.  Our side did not need to pull any of our stories within an hour of publication.

Finally, the Honeybadgers were kind enough (or unwise enough) to ask me as a guest onto their podcast to discuss Sad Puppies 3. Unfortunately, I had to bow out before the talk turned to Akira (a famous and famously well done anime) but it may have allowed the others to get in a word edgewise.