Fire Gates

Please write to your local chapter of the Boy Scouts (whose contact information can be found here: and ask for the public rebuke, repudiation and immediate discharge from service of the current BSA President, Mr Robert Gates.

The Catholic Church in America, in the 1960s and 1970s, welcomed homosexuals into their ranks, and, enamored by then current psychological theories about the origins of the sin, thought that to comfort and hide the offender was the most charitable policy. Consequently, once the homosexual lobby made entry into the Church and rose in the ranks, over the next decades they diligently sought out and welcomed each other to join seminaries and holy vocations, covered up each others crimes and abominations, and so on. Hence there was a plethora of homosexual activity with young men, some of them underage under the authority of gays in the priesthood and other positions of authority.

The resulting scandal humiliated the Church and continued to be flung in the face of the priesthood and laity as a curse to this day.  (It is ironic to note that the proportion of such scandals is far less than found among schoolteachers.) Why homosexual diddling with young and fair-faced boys is a horror and a scandal in the Church, but welcomed and cheered in society at large, and considered a constitutional right it is bigotry to oppose, I leave for someone more able to unwind the labyrinthine convulsions of modern non-binary logic than I to explain.

But if the Boy Scouts were wise they would learn the lesson from the error of the Catholic Church, and not allow into their leadership men who demonstrate a disdain for the very moral uprightness the Boy Scouts teach.

I assure you: the scandals will be thrown in your face for the next century, long ago the Boy Scouts have been sued and boycotted Janet-Reno’d out of existence as a nest of pederasts.

Since, at the moment, special rules are in place so that no adult is allowed to be alone with a child, but, like highborn Spanish maidens of the last century, a boy can go nowhere without an escort or duenna, lest he be the subject of unlawful sexual affection, it is mere insolent madness to welcome those who spread, laud, encourage, and are tempted by unlawful sexual affections toward the male, particularly youthful males, into the position of those escorts.

If the public outcry is long and fierce and loud enough, Mr Gates will either repudiate his remarks, or be forced from office.

If Gamergate and Sad Puppies serve any purpose in the culture war, it is to show that you, yes, you, my dear reader, can silence the shrill, evil, and tiny group of antichristian activists currently and rapidly dismantling our civilization.

Write your local Scout leadership. Write today, please. Express your contempt for this insolent treason coming from the sleeper agent and social justice warrior called Gates.