Embargo On

Peter Grant is no longer going to buy anything from Tor:

Regrettably, due to the apparent lack of action by (and the deafening silence from) Tor and Macmillan, the time has come to do as I promised.  I therefore ask all those who believe, as I do, that the recent statement by Irene Gallo, and the pattern of behavior and statements from others at Tor whom I’ve previously named, are completely unacceptable, to join me in refusing to buy any of Tor’s products from now on.

I support and endorse what Larry Correia said about this yesterday.

    … this is between Tor and its readers who feel insulted, not the Sad Puppies campaign or the people who ran it … To the Sad Puppies supporters, do what you think is right. All I’m asking is that whatever you do, try to be as civil as possible in your disagreements. Stick with the facts.

I am not a member of, and I do not speak for, either the ‘Sad Puppies’ or ‘Rabid Puppies’ campaigns (although I support the former).  I don’t represent cute puppies, playful puppies, cuddly puppies or hush puppies – only myself.  If you share, in whole or in part, my values and outlook on life, I invite you to join me in this boycott.  Don’t do so just because I, or anyone else, is asking you to do so.  Act on the basis of your own informed conscience and reasoned judgment.

My comment: it seems the embargo is on.

Since I am Tor author and hitherto have been very proud of my association with that fine and famous imprint, I am fascinated (if mildly aghast) that the Tor management has allowed the situation to degenerate to this point.

Because of a financial conflict of interest on my part, it would be untoward of me to express fulsome support and applause for the boycott, and tell the boycotters their position is the principled and correct stand.

Nor will I point out, because it is obvious, that if you buy my books from Tor, then some part of your precious book-buying dollars goes into the wages of several people at Tor (but by no means all, or even most) who hate both you and me with a sick and soul-destroying hatred, a hatred like a disease that withers the heart and rots the brain.

Nor will I point out, because it should also be obvious, that any Christian gentleman would be willing to forgo a worldly reward of your generous book-buying dollars if he may have your spiritual reward of your loyalty instead. If the gentle reader feels compassion for me in my hour of need, or fears the boycott will harm my finances, I have a tip jar on this page.

So I cannot express support for this boycott.

The people with whom I work, my editor and cover art director, have a perfect right to expect me not to undermine their position, untenable as it may be. If the management wants to set the company policy as one of indifference to our patrons and clients on whom our livelihood depends, or contempt, or enmity, or loathing, that business decision is in their bailiwick.

Lest any man think I am disloyal to my patrons, rest assured that I was as deeply offended by Miss Gallo’s nasty and smug-faced little libel as were you.

But I am not free to answer as I ought. As a gentleman, I am obligated to be satisfied by her tepid apology, which I accepted in the same lukewarm spirit it was given. My expressions of regret should she sober up and do right by the company, and tender her overdue resignation, will also be in the same spirit.

Much as I love Tor books, and for all the good will I owe Tor, I do not feel the company has addressed the matter sufficiently. They turned a deaf ear to their customers and authors, so I will reciprocate by offering a silent tongue when it comes to defending their side in this matter.

So I cannot express support for Tor.

I will say they are a fine company, perhaps the finest operating in the field. I deeply regret they have reacted with sluggish nonchalance over these sad and recent events. They have put me into an uncomfortable position, and wagered that the number of offended customers is insufficient to deal them woe.

Myself, I would have preferred if Tor had supported their authors when we were libeled, soothed the Tor customers rather than scorned them, and not made that wager.

Theodore Beale, my other publisher, on the other hand, has been vocal in his support of me and mine, to the point of suggesting his readers nominate my works for a Hugo Award; a call to which his readers, having read my work, enthusiastically responded. He has announced he will participate in the boycott.