The Three Laws of Morlocktics

Below is a comment I simply had to share:

39. Jack Aubrey

They are as predictable as Asimov’s robots, whose three laws were programmed into them.

1. An SJW may not tell the Truth or, through inaction, allow the Truth to be told.

2. An SJW must obey orders given it by the Hive Mind, and double down except where doing so would conflict with the First Law.

3. An SJW must protect its own existence by projecting its behavior on the Enemy and acting accordingly, as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws.

A word of context: Vox Day, my Finnish publisher, and his crew, are discussing what appears to be psychotic ravings from certain Morlockesses pretending to be frightened for the physical safety of Irene Gallo of Tor Books.

Here is the text quoted, I know not whence:

Ann Somerville on June 20, 2015 at 10:29 pm said:
I really fear for Irene Gallo and Moshe Feder. GGaters have no boundaries, and it’s beginning to look as if the Puppies of either kind don’t either.

Matt Y on June 20, 2015 at 10:59 pm said:
It’s not their jobs I’m worried about. It’s that small portion of the hyper-reactionary crowd that flock to some of these assholes get obsessed with trying to personally cause damage or harass people as if it’s some sort of game. Like GGs obsession with Quinn, Anita, and so on. I don’t know if that is what Anne is talking about but I’ve thought about that, which is really depressing that it’s even a potential concern.

Stevie on June 20, 2015 at 11:39 pm said:
Thank you, Anne and Matt. I was obviously being far too privileged to take on board the real physical dangers confronting them; I will try to do better.

Laura Resnick on June 21, 2015 at 1:02 am said:
I, too, have started wondering about Irene Gallo’s physical safety. Is she being cyberstalked or receiving threatening messages? Will the vitriolic rhetoric against her escalate to a level where she’s at risk from doxxing and physical stalking?

The apologies she and Tor issued should have resolved the matter. (And I assume Tor and Macmillan have remained silent since then because those apologies eliminated any legal exposure the corporation might have been concerned about.)

The bizarre, inexplicable ESCALATION we have seen over Gallo since then indicates that the Puppies and whoever else has joined this anti-Gallo hysteria are functioning so far outside the boundaries of rational behavior that their anger is self-feeding and could keep escalating, especially if the ringleaders keep feeding it. Which does lead me to wonder if unstable individuals in the group will harass and endanger Gallo, in the way that people like Anita Sarkeesian, Zoe Quinn, Briana Wu, and others have experienced in the past year or two.

I, too, have thought, oh, maybe I’m overreacting to what I’m seeing, maybe this is just Puppy Fatigue and not a realistic worry… But the very first person I mentioned this to, a few days ago, is probably my most level-headed anti-dramatic friend–and that person’s reaction was that this is a realistic concern and she’d been thinking about it, too. I see from the comments here that others were also thinking about it but thinking, “Oh, that’s probably just me.”

No, I guess it’s a bunch of people by now seeing some indicators in the Puppy mess of a pattern that we’ve already seen in GamerGate, and it’s alarming.

I’ve wondered much less about Moshe Feder, John Scalzi, or PNH’s safety than Gallo’s, partly because the angriest Puppies and boycotters seem so focused specifically on Gallo (and she’s the one whose apology, instead of being accepted by these people and ending the matter, has been reacted to with irrational escalations of rage), but also because they’re men. Yes, men also get doxxed, threatened, stalked, and harassed, of course, and these men could be in potential danger… but “movements” like this tend more toward stalking women than men. So I think that after Gallo, the next likeliest target is Teresa Nielsen Hayden. Plus, the Puppies have been heavily focused on her at times, and a number of them have already “unpersoned” her with nasty nicknames like the “Toad of Tor.”

Anyhow, nothing may come of it. But it seems like it’s something that probably many people are wondering about by now. Perhaps also at Tor.

Octavia on June 21, 2015 at 1:43 am said:
I agree. The vitriol of the puppies, especially against Irene Gallo seems to be spiraling completely out of control. Just like the narrative (comments instead of one comment with subsequent apology, attack against everyone and their dog, etc.).

Since some of the puppies/puppy-supporters own guns and a few have no problem with throwing all kinds of threats around, it does get really worrisome. Especially as none of the supposed “puppy-leaders” is even pretending to try and reign them in. Or call for some moderation. Instead they pour gasoline in the fire.

I hope Irene Gallo has a strong support network and people who can help her with the vitriol. I’m pretty sure that she’s receiving all kinds of threats at least on her work-email, maybe also on facebook.

The fear seems to be based on the grounds that her calling me and you neo-Nazi homophobic bigoted misogynist racists was cricket, but my accepting her lame apology like a gentleman (so she and I could get back to work) means that secretly I, and the other fine people called Sad Puppies who would like to reform the Hugo Awards, and return the award to be granted for merit of the work, rather than for the political correctness of the work, now have or may soon concoct an cunning yet dastardly plan!

The women who sound indistinguishable from phobia-afflicted delusional neurotic believe I and mine intend to send Daddy Warpig (the one Gamergater who expressed support for the Sad Puppies slate) to New York to blow up public monuments there with Vatican-made explosive rosaries, and dox and vox and vaporize Miss Gallo.

Because my expressions of neutrality and your letters to Tor asking for professional courtesy are so appallingly frightening that is creates an atmosphere of unsaferiffickness. Or something.

I would say that if women are that easily frightened, it is up to us men to make sure that no cad and no blackguard is ever allowed to speak to them. And if political argument over a pathetic space-yarn award gets the ladies this scared this quickly, it seemed that the Victorian standards for male and female roles were entirely correct. The poor, fainting, delicate damsels in distress must be keep safe from all the bumps and jars of the real world.

Either that, or these nags and termagants are a scandal and an embarrassment to their sex, because they are pretending to be frightened, when they are not, to arouse the very feelings of Victorian protective gentlemanliness that they at other times despise.

Which is it to be, ladies? Equality of the sexes in political matters? Or ultra-damsel-gushing, shriekingly school-girlish, play-pretend hysterical so beloved of the Left? The two are mutually exclusive.

Leftism or Equality?

Pick one.