A Question about the Global Warming Hoax

Read it and weep:


The measured US temperature data from USHCN shows that the US is on a long-term cooling trend. But the reported temperatures from NOAA show a strong warming trend.

They accomplish this through a spectacular hockey stick of data tampering, which corrupts the US temperature trend by almost two degrees.

The biggest component of this fraud is making up data. Almost half of all reported US temperature data is now fake. They fill in missing rural data with urban data to create the appearance of non-existent US warming.

Voila: Global Warming is make-believe science based on make-believe data.

The hoax was clear from the beginning for those with eyes to see when the same parties, in one case the same man, called for curtailing fossil fuels and modern industrial technology, bigger government and global government, in order to stop Global Cooling in the 1970s. “Opposite problem, same solution” is not the slogan of sanity.

The hoax was clear from the beginning for those with eyes to see because no one spoke in public about technical solutions to the problem. To raise the albedo of the Earth, for example, and ensure more solar radiation was reflected into space hence lowering Earth’s average temperature, cutting down the Amazon jungle would be the optimal solution. Anyone actually interested in lower the global heat would be actually discussion how actually to do it. They were not.

The hoax was clear from the beginning for those with eyes to see because of the hysteria surrounding it. It was a scare, a panic, and there was no more evidence for it than for the DDT scare, the ALAR scare, the radon scare, the mercury in the fish scare, the acid rain scare, the hole in the ozone layer scare, the power cables causing cancer scare, mobile phone towers causing cancer scare, the chloroflourocarbons scare, the overpopulation scare, the salmonella scare, the Mad Cow disease scare, and so on. Have you ever heard even one retraction or apology for any of these false alarms, even long after the fraud was exposed? Is DDT available even thought Rachel Carson’s mass-murdering fraud is well known to have been scientifically absurd?

The hoax was exposed (even to those without eyes to see) when Phil Jones, of the East Anglia Climate Research Unit, refused to reveal the raw data the CRU had used for its forecast models with these words: “Why should I share this data with you, when your goal is to find something wrong with it?”

And he destroyed the data when it was subpoenaed, rather than turn it over.

That is not the way scientists talk. That is not the way scientists act. That is the way propagandists talk and act. Activists. Advocates. Ad-men. Hoaxsters. Scam Artists. Liars.

The hoax was exposed when the ‘hide the decline’ emails from East Anglia University went public in 2009.

How is it possible any sane man is still taking global warming seriously in 2015, years later?

My theory is that Leftists never wake up not because they are stupid nor because they are evil but merely because the question of whether a “narrative” is true or false bores them and fills them with ennui.

Political Correctness means judging stories on how efficient they are as propaganda.

Truth never enters their mental system at any point.

Truth is merely irrelevant to them.

We keep arguing to them about whether global warming truly exists or truly does not exist, and they merely blink at us with owlish, stupid, dull looks on their brutal faces, uncomprehending, because to them it is like asking if saying please and thank you is ‘true’.

Saying please and thank you is not true or untrue. It is merely polite, an accepted formality.

Likewise, here, to them, expressing loyalty to the Global Warming faith is merely polite, a matter of accepted formality.

Asking a Leftist to react to a fact, and to recant a false theory once it is proved false is like asking a eunuch to get an erection. He cannot do it. He lacks the equipment to perform the act and lacks the mental and physical ability to desire to perform the act.

When, if ever, has anyone on the Left ever for any reason condemned or denounced or recanted a false theory once it was proved false?

Even issues over fifty years old — the Ukraine famine, the Hiss/Chambers case, the Rosenbergs atomic spying case — has any Leftist ever admitted wrong?

Has any Leftist ever admitted that Senator McCarthy was entirely correct in his accusations? That the people he and his committee investigated actually were, in fact, paid agents of the Soviet Union?