The Future Did Not Arrive

“The future did not arrive” is the opening line of COUNT TO A TRILLION, a story that starts in a post-atomic-war Texas where there is no electricity and no running water, and the Space Age is a dream of the past. My protagonist, Menelaus Montrose, happens across an interactive cartoon called ‘Asymptote’ which is old school sciffy, based on the optimistic assumptions of STAR TREK and the transhumanist movement. But he wonders why there are no flying cars, and, for that matter, no cars. The tale us a story of longsuffering patience enduring over eons, and hope over despair.

Well, Menelaus would have changed his tune had he known about THIS!!!! Modern science finally does something right!

And the Japanese accept the challenge!

 Giant robots are as Japanese as flower arrangement, haiku poetry, bushido warrior-code, and schoolgirls in sailor suits fighting tank battles while singing Soviet Anthems!