Neither Do They Grok Nicknames

Sarah Hoyt Reads the Riot Act to Mary Robinette Kowal, with amusing gifs.

Mrs Kowal apparently thought it expedient (for she did not think it true) falsely to accuse Mrs Hoyt of being a racist on the grounds that Mrs Hoyt used the word ChiComs to refer to Chinese Communists.

The absurd lie was followed by an insincere yet smarmy nonapology and a restatement in stronger terms of the exploded, untenable and absurd position, which is commonly known as doubling down. SJWs always lie, and they always double down.

How is it that these mackerels have gained hegemony over our cultural institutions, down to and including such trivial corners of life as the Hugo Awards?

These are the same people who did not comprehend that obscure nuance of the English language known as a “nickname” was when used in my Hugo-nominated story One Bright Star to Guide Them. Instead it was generally agreed by the consensus that I had forgotten the name of my own character, on the grounds that she was a woman, and therefore hated by the author. I wish I were kidding. These people are deranged. It is not due to a physical damage to the brain, but to spiritual. Pride and ire darken the intellect.