Defy the Devil: Celebrate Christmas

Announcing A.D. Day!

Remember the scene in MERRY CHRISTMAS, CHARLIE BROWN, where our poor bald hero, Charlie Brown, dismayed and lost when he sees commercialization and selfishness robbing the meaning of Christmas, cries out in despair asking what the real meaning of Christmas is? And Linus, trusty blanket in hand, recites a fifty second quote from Luke, explaining in a few versus of brilliantly poetic, stirring, deep and moving words of King James’ English the meaning. No Christmas special ever dares mention the real meaning of Christmas, but this one did. Schultz, the creator of PEANUTS had to butt heads with the network executives, who, even in the 1960s, thought any honest message about Christmas was unbecoming, and might offend the audience, or offend advertisers.

Well, Schultz won that round. But now the hatred of Christ is much more serious, much more deep, and this generation is much, much shallower and stupider than that one. This generation not only hates Christ, they hate any mention of the hate, because they simply want Christ to go away and make no demands on them, say nothing to them, save no one.

So it is happening again:

Despite elementary school officials’ attempt to censor a Bible passage from a school play, one community took a stand for religious freedom and refused to let political correctness dictate the performance.

On radio Thursday, Glenn shared the back story of how the school district censored an elementary school presentation of a “Charlie Brown Christmas” in Johnson County, Kentucky.

He called for somebody to stand up and said what he would do as a parent in that situation.

“I would get together with parents and I would — if I knew this was coming — I would take the script of what Linus actually says and I would stand up as a block of parents and just stop the show,” Glenn said. “And all of the parents stand up and just start saying it.”

Well, it looks like that’s exactly what parents in the audience chose to do

My comment: The time for submission is past.

Christians have been slandered, libeled, demeaned, and buffaloed by a very small and very patient group of Leftwing zealots who have somehow convinced the world that there is no place for us in the this world: no place for our nativity scenes at Christmas, no place for Christian marriage, no place for the Ten Commandment in our courthouse decorations, no place for historical accuracy, reality or truth in our lives, and no prayers in our schools.

Enough is enough. We outnumber them. It is time to drive them from our midst, and return our civilization to being civilized.

Let us be Christendom again.

As gesture, I would like everyone who reads these words to go onto Wikipedia, and find ten articles which use the insulting term ‘B.C.E.’ for ‘B.C.’ and the insulting term ‘C.E.’ for ‘A.D.’ and change them. And if he anonymous editors change them back, change it again.

It is four days until Christmas as of the time of this writing, which is the memorial of the day from which our calendar takes its reckoning: our calendar, made by the Church, for the Church.

The abbreviation “C.E.” was instituted with only one sole purpose: to insult the Christian religion, to use our calendar without giving us credit, and to pretend that the central event of history, first, did not happen, and second, was a rude, unbecoming and unspeakable event if it did happen, and event so shameful that it cannot even be referred to by initials of words in Latin, so that you are rude, unbecoming and unspeakable, perhaps even a racist, if you insist on referring to dates honestly.

More than this gesture is needed, of course.

That time is not yet, but soon, when we must take further steps to prepare for the storm that is coming.

We must pry their hands from the levers of power, slap their megaphone from our ear, remove their boot from the neck of our economy, drive the swine from the public trough, remove the leprous private parts from their plundering the soul of innocence.

The Sexual Revolution, and no fault divorce, has done infinite harm to the public weal, and ruined countless private lives, including those in my immediate family and immediate circle of friends. Femininity, motherhood, fidelity, charity, chastity, honor, honesty, monogamy and family, all these things were demeaned and repudiated in the name of freedom. Freedom did not result, but slavery. Those chains must be broken. The feminist movement has grown into a corrupt parody of itself.

We want our men back. We want our women back. We want masculinity for the men and femininity for the women. The man-haters have no more arguments to make and nothing more to say.

How have we come to the pass where to indulged in unspeakable sexual perversion is a constitutionally protected right which overrides the rights of the faithful not to participate in the celebration of an abomination their religion, as well as common decency, condemns: but to use the word ‘pervert’ is to be shunned by the elite, subject to harassment and lawsuit, and in our neighboring countries, to jail?

Leftists have proven themselves unfit for positions of command and trust in our society. Even my little corner, the science fiction field, has been overrun by the termites that enter the moldy walls once the sunlight of truth is absent.

Once Christianity is gone, the postchristians do not do without religion. They merely adopt the religion of an antichrist. Instead of religion, they revere and honor lying for its own sake, which they called Political Correctness; they revere and honor sexual perversions and mental illnesses of several kinds; they reverse and respect race-hatred, provided that the hatred is directed against Caucasians; they respect and revere the heresies of Mohammed, and the brutal violence against the weak and innocent they adore and applaud. Whenever there is a mass shooting, they call for the disarmament of more victims, so that more shootings will be easier to take place.

They accomplished a decades-long march through each and every one of our social institutions, so that there is now no leadership for us, nowhere to coalesce our efforts.

That does not matter. God is on our side. Peace is on our side. Love is on our side. Truth is on our side. These things are stronger than court of law, the decrees of bureaucrats, the corruption of teachers and students, the shenanigans of central banks, the opinion manipulation and propaganda and continual stream of lies that issues from our entertainment media, news media, and social media.

It is time to be witnesses. It is time to oppose the princes of this world. It is time to expunge the barbarians among us, the filth who corrupt our children, the vermin who prey on our goodwill, who cannot even be trusted to put on something as small and insignificant as a children’s school play without thought-policing it in the vain and hateful attempt to remove Christ from our lips, our deeds, our hearts.

This is no longer a matter of polite discourse. The option of each man living and letting live was scorned when the government decided to force all Christians to celebrate sodomy, pay for abortions, and fund the contraception needed for a fornication-based attack on monogamy.

They will not quit and will not leave us in peace. They want every last dime of your money, they want to dictate the contents of every last syllable of your speech, they want to dictate how you buy health insurance, how you invest, how you work, whom you can applaud. They want you disarmed. They want to control your mind and soul, and leave you with nothing.

They are not on your side. Resist them. Defy them. Disobey them. Expose them. Hound them from our midst. Pray. Arm yourself with the full armor of God.