A Good Story is Hard to Find

The fine folks over at A GOOD STORY IS HARD TO FIND, who share my passion for all things Catholic as well as all things Scientific-Fictional, did me the honor of interviewing me for their broadcast. It was one of the best conversations I have had with fellow fans recently, and, like always, I am afraid I talked too much


I tried to explain my love-hate for THE FORCE AWAKENS, and I fear I failed. I loved the movie as a fan, but as a writer, I could see every creaking joint, every lose nail that should have been nailed down tight, every Granny Knot that should have been tied as a Trucker’s Hitch. Because it is easier to complain than to compliment, I hope no one doubts how much I liked this film, hearing how much I complained. Think of me as Lincoln’s nagging wife, under whose tongue lashing, the Union and hence Western Civilization was preserved.