Arrow, Season 2, Episode 9

I have just been binge-watching the second season of ARROW on Netflicks, which is not just the best live action adaption of Green Arrow I’ve ever seen, it is one of the best adaption of comic books to the big screen of any character. I am pleased to live in a time when there are so many cartoons, shows, and films starring superheroes that this question is a difficult one.

However, it seems a bit rough on minor characters. A police sergeant just got killed by Brother Blood’s minion.

And there was this police scientists guy who only shows up for a show to two, who gets struck by lightning and thrown threw a rack of chemicals. Seems kind of a pointless death. He was a likable fellow, with a pretty complex back story, so I wonder what the writers had in mind killing him off?

His name was Barry Allen or Wally West or something like that.