He is Risen!

Happy Easter to one and all.

When you meet someone who says Easter eggs are a pagan holdover of a pagan symbol, you can remind him that during Lent the tradition was to give up eating meat and eggs, so that eating delicious, delicious eggs again after 40 became a matter for ceremony. Our grandfathers lived in a more ceremonial hence more fun society, one more suited to human psychology, and so having the kids eat eggs again became kind of a game, a hide-and-seek, and the eggs were decorated, because in those days people loved kids, and were not told having children was a disease that overburdened the earth, and did not abort them in the womb.

Of course, if he was raised in a modern school among modern thinkers, he will not know what Lent is, or know any history at all, and will despise his grandfathers.

Abortion, not ceremonies and games surrounding the celebration of the Resurrection, is the true pagan holdover.

On this day of life, let us remind ourselves that souls dead in sin can rise again, nations dead in corruption can be revived, and even the science fiction genre, dead in political correctness, can rise again.