Asking the Japanese about Whitewashing Anime

Social Justice Warriors with too much time on their hands have decided to raise a stink about Hollywood hiring persons of the wrong and inferior race to portray member of the Master Race.

I found this highly enlightening interview. This is what people from a nation who are not crazy sound like when you talk to them about race.

I seem to recall a similar stink being raised about sports teams named Redskins, Braves, Chiefs, and so on, where not a single real American Indian minded the name.

In my personal experience, the only so-called Indian who objected was a Spanish guy who legally got himself declared an Indian tribesmen for the sole purpose of raising a stink. This guy was also racist as all get out, and seemed to think Spaniards were not Europeans. Whatever.

However, Leonidas of Lacedemonia and Aeneas of Ilium both object to the names Spartans and Trojans.