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I read this with great interest.

Comment by gxg dated April 27, 2016 2:50 PM

I know I’ve alluded to this before, but as a successful indie romance novelist, I can say from experience that there’s a noticeable difference between indie-published stories and what comes out of trad publishers.

For one thing, in indie-books, the guys are much more likely to be actual guys. They fight. They’re protective. They will actively seek justice (and not through the courts) if someone wrongs them or their loved ones.

It’s not just on price that indie-publishers are killing it. It’s on the fact that there’s a noticeable trend away from left-wing virtue signaling. I once read a trad-published vampire romance where the hot vampire drove a Prius. A Prius…?

My author fan page is a good example of something else: My readers are, for the most part, not SJW types. They’re mostly married, and from what they post, happily so. They praise their husbands and brag about how wonderful they are. They post pix of their kids and talk about how much they enjoy spending time with them. If they post about the Target bathroom controversy, they’re more likely to side with girls exposed to wieners over confused dudes dressed up as chicks.

Before indie publishing, 99% of all books had to go through coastal left-wing gate-keepers who, to this day, don’t even realized how out of touch they are from Mainstream America.

Read the whole thing.

Albeit not a romance fan (we Vulcans only go into heat once every seven years) I am fascinated by the inverse proportion between political correctness and real romance with the kind of real men real women find worthy of daydreaming about.