Book Bomb: NETHEREAL, or, Space Pirates in Hell

A rising, fresh-faced and deserving superversive author, Brian Niemeier, asked me to help promote his book, which I am delighted to do.

The inestimable Larry Correia, the Mountain the Writes, says he  read this a couple of months ago and the best way to describe it is Space Pirates Go To Hell. He adds “Only it is way cooler than that description makes it sound.”

Mr. Correia organized a Book Bomb for today, May 18th, and I urge anyone reading this to join in and support the effort.

My lovely and talented wife edited the book, and she describes it as akin to Roger Zelazny’s work, which is high praise indeed coming from her, as Mr. Zelazny is one of her favorite authors.

by Brian Niemeier

The goal of a Book Bomb day is to urge as many people as possible to buy an author’s book on the same day. The more books sell, the higher it gets in the rankings, the more new people see it.

If the book is one to your taste, buying it as the same time as other patrons enlarges the ratings on Amazon, which helps garner publicity.

A healthy Book Bomb will bring an author to the attention of hundreds of potential fans who not otherwise see his work. Amazon is preferred for its size and scope, but any purchase will help.

So please purchase a copy today, and urge your friends, allies, associates, and serfs and minions likewise.