Morlock Eruption

Kukuruyo who was nominated for a Hugo Award, is being libeled and harassed by the Morlocks.

Kukuruyo draws commissions ( for $30+. If any of you need drawings of toon characters, it would be a nice way to show support for one of our own.

Here is the backstory:

“No one is targeting artists because of their politics”. That’s a line that I’ve heard a lot from the social justice circles every time an artist is censored, or is attacked so much that they self-censor. It’s a line I’ve read several times in the last week directed at me, when I have commented in social media about some new attack upon myself. I think my experiences over this last week are a clear example on how, yes, artists are being targeted because of their politics, everytime those politics diverge from the progressive ideology.

I’ve always been an artist who does adult content. My hentai creations have been placed on the internet for more than a decade, and I’ve never had any problems because of it. Yeah, sometimes I got a drawing banned from deviantart, but they were very sporadic things, and usually deserved; one every 2-3 years at most. No one ever wrote anything about what a horrible person I was for doing erotic fanarts and such.

Since I publicly became a gamergate supporter, the amount of reports I’ve gotten on art sites have increased, many times in very underserved cases (I got a drawing pulled because the characters had sweat. Yes, sweat…) as well as the amount of people lying about me on blogs and such. And I don’t mean making critiques of me, I mean outright lies (one guy even wrote about how I voted for some candidate in the past US elections, which is interesting considering I’m a Spaniard living in Spain). Not only that, but my website began to have attempts to break in. At some point I was receiving more than 50 attempts to break in each day, until I upgraded my security.

But this broke into a new level when I was announced as a finalist for best Fan artist at the Hugo awards. Then people in the social justice circles discovered that I support gamergate, and since then, interesting things have been happening one after the other (aside from the wave of verbal attacks, of course).

First one of my gamergate related works got reported and banned from deviantart. Then someone picked a cheap fanart that I was commissioned to do, about a half nude Ms.marvel, and tried to frame me as a pedophile, because apparently the character has 16 in the original canon (something I even didn’t know), ignoring the fact that the character body was adult. This story was written about in (as far as I know) a blog and then in a comic news article, expanding the idea that I’m a pedophile for an anime style fanart thats no different than the millions upon millions of anime character fanarts out there, and that I was somehow a terrible threat for teenagers out there who have their heroes destroyed by evil me. I was reported in devianart for “pedophilia” and the drawing was taken down. I got reported on twitter. The attempts to break into my website have come around again. Then they contacted my advertising affiliates, telling them I was hosting child pornography, so they would cease to advertise with me. They accepted a middle ground solution at first, but then they changed their policies, and now I can no longer receive their service. Yes, and advertising website changed their policies just because of me… and just yesterday some guys where trying to get MARVEL to SUE ME because of a fanart!

But hey, I’m sure all of this is just a coincidence! this has nothing to do with the Hugo awards or gamergate. I’m sure it’s just that a whole lot of people randomly decided the same week to try to fuck me up in every way they could, right? this can’t possibly be related with people from a particular ideology, pissed off because someone with the wrong opinions got a Hugo nomination.